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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy XIII

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Keep in mind, this is one of the good guys!
Final Fantasy XIII. A chilling and blood-curdling installment in the series, just like its predecessors.

You might want to grab your favorite blanket or teddy bear if you decide to play this. And now it's got a direct sequel that is even scarier.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Cie'th:
    • More specifically, the first time you see them. A gang of twenty or so blind, twitching, gorilla-armed things that look like they got imported from a Silent Hill game are surrounding the most defenseless and innocent characters in the game. Their shrieks sound like a chainsaw on a baby animal. What's more, the Cie'th walking around on the maps seem to be attempting to strangle themselves.
    • There's a type of Cie'th that is just an arm and part of a shoulder. It drags itself around the battlefield, making a horrifying noise. And it uses surprisingly powerful magic attacks...
      • If you look closely, you can often see the face of the person who became the Cie'th, silently screaming.
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  • Orphan. The fact that its "mother" slowly strokes its head as you fight it is creepy enough. After you defeat its first form, it apparently turns the entire party except Fang and Vanille into Cie'th and tortures Fang by painfully killing and then reviving her over and over again while a horrified Vanille is forced to watch.
  • Barthandelus in general. He is a technorganic...thing, and consists of a giant face flanked by four upside down smaller faces, with their mouths constantly working. And the way he moves is just not right.
  • The introduction to chapter 11, where a chocobo is torn apart by coeurls. Seeing something that, for the better part of well over thirteen games, has always been more or less inviolate getting brutally murdered... It leaves an impression.
  • Ragnarok. Despite saving the day in the end, it's still a horrifying and powerful Eldritch Abomination to look at and was specifically crafted by the Fal'Cie to destroy Cocoon and everyone on it and worse some of the main protagonists were fated to turn into it to do the job.


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