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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Specimen isn't the only Mako-Monster in here...
It wouldn't be Final Fantasy without some things that looked like they came straight from hell.

All spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • There are two main areas that feel like something from a horror movie.
    • The first is the Train Graveyard. The chapter title is even "Haunted". Before you get there, you are told that people tend to disappear there, taken by the "Black Wind". Once you arrive, it's night, you hear the disembodied voices of children, see their spectral forms running about, and glowing children's art appears on the walls around you. As you explore, it becomes apparent that some malevolent force is keeping these spirits bound here. It isn't until the Black Wind appears and makes off with Aerith that it shows its face, an Eligor.
      • To make matters even worse, you will often find glowing little child-sized handprints all over walls, boxes, the floor, etc., in quite a few locations. You will also find spatters of that same glowing substance, that look uncomfortably like blood dripped on the floor. One particular area has several of both the prints and the spatters, very reminiscent of a gruesome crime scene.
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    • The second is, unsurprisingly, Hojo's lab. Hojo himself puts on a bit of a nightmare face as he taunts Aerith, describing how he dissected her mother's body down to its component cells. Making your way through them, you encounter various research specimens and failed experiments including some that look like they used to be people. And then you have a boss battle with Specimen H0512, which looks something like the unholy offspring of Cthulhu and King Kong, if not rivaling G-Birkin from the Resident Evil 2 (Remake) due to updated graphics. A claw for its right hand with another fang-filled mouth, while its left hand is a mass of tentacles, and to top it off, Specimen H0512 can spawn/revive H0512-OPT units that harasses the team.
  • There’s a rather...disturbing bit of information that is revealed in the Material Ultimania guide book; During the ending after Cloud and Sephiroth’s battle at the Edge of Creation, the scene ends with Cloud, alone, staring at a celestial body in the distance. However, looking closely at it, one notices that said body looks strangely, horrifyingly familiar. That’s right, what you're looking at is Safer Sephiroth.
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  • The trailer for Yuffie's adventure is meant to be during the time while Cloud had been separated from AVALANCHE, but the stinger has some horrible implications even in this timeline: DEEPGROUND is waking up earlier than their original timeline counterparts from the brief glimpse of Weiss the Immaculate.
  • The Intermission Episode takes this a step further. All throughout the episode we have been led to believe that Yuffie and Sonon are looking for Shinra's new materia, and we are led to believe that this makes Scarlet (the head of Weapons R&D) the episode's Big Bad. Instead, after beating her mech prototype (which presumably goes on to being her Proudclod mech) she activates a trigger which awakens the Tsviets. After a series of battles in the simulator, the actual final boss of the episode is Nero the Sable, and BOY is he a tough customer!
    • Not to mention, the entire episode happens concurrent to the pillar incident, so after the final battle we are treated to the destruction of Sector 7, from Yuffie's perspective - remember, she is only 16!

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