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Nightmare Fuel / Final Fantasy IX

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The theme that plays when you get to beat Trance Kuja and meet Necron is disturbing. That sad, mournful tune that played with all that moaning in the background? Creepy as all get-go.
  • Necron, the essence of eternal death, who comes to finish off where Kuja failed, is a floating statue with a half-destroyed face in a colosseum that ascends into the sky. The colosseum has eyes that blink and watch your party take blow after blow of unpredictable attacks that cause all sorts of status abnormalities.
    • Yoshitaka Amano's vision of Necron is far more terrifying than the in-game model.
  • A more meaningful, and terrifying, description of Necron is the embodiment of existential dread and despair in the face of unending hardship and suffering. He is the embodiment of an idea, that all life is meaningless suffering and that it would be better just to end. That it would be an act of kindness to end it now, and an act of cruelty to allow it to persist. You face something that is not a person, or even a force, but an idea deeply ingrained into the collective unconscious of a world that has seen so much suffering due to recent events, the idea that maybe dead is better than being forced to go on after everything that has happened. He is the very embodiment of the Despair Event Horizon on a planet-wide scale.
  • Zorn and Thorn's true form Meltigemini may give Yunalesca a run for her money for creepy One Winged Angels. Their Exorcist-esque spasms when they transform is pretty damn creepy too.
    • "Meltigemini"? That sounds absolutely narm-tastic! Wonder what it looks like - OH GOD!
  • The whole Forgotten Continent is creepy. Despite being a pretty big continent, it is very desolate and almost devoid of any type of civilization. The only way to get there is by airship, and by the time you go there for the first time, you are thrown off at the northern part of the continent. Then you have to travel south, encountering extremely weird enemies, until you get to an ancient building named Oeilvert. Oeilvert is a weird place with an anti-magic barrier that seems to be some sort of museum for an unknown civilization. Oh, and the music is very gloomy.
  • The entire mission to stop the mist at the Iifa Tree is greatly disturbing. First your traveling this maze of roots all whilst facing Zombies and sentient trees. Then you have to travel deep within the tree itself in which your riding on this leaf down a green, hellish spiral of which you get attacked by zombie dragons three times. Then you reach the bottom and you land on this harp-like structure with strings of some green liquid running down to a seemingly bottomless pool of green. Then the boss and the maker of the mist Soul Cage, drops down, explains it's behind the mist and that the mist itself and the green fluid and surroundings of the tree itself is composed of SOULS. You then have to battle it. What makes this worse is that even while you manage to stop the mist now, it'll be back soon enough.
    • The Iifa Tree's theme is also unsettling to listen to, which gives the player the impression that they're trespassing into a sacred and tainted tomb.
  • Black Waltz No. 3's Villainous Breakdown. Partly because he shows up again without any real warning, and partly because he's not just having an emotional crisis but legitimately malfunctioning. His "I exist only to kill..." mantra was creepy enough, but to see the most sophisticated Black Waltz reduced to no more than a twitching, disconnected puppet was actually really disturbing. The fact that Garnet tries to reason with him and he can barely even string a coherent sentence together, having lost the ability to think for himself (if he ever even had it)... In spite of all the hell he put your party through, he ends up being surprisingly pitiful. If you let him kill Steiner and Marcus, he goes crazy and starts attacking himself.
  • Sections of Memoria are seriously horrifying. A special mention goes to the room that looks like it was designed by Salvador Dali, in which you have to climb over the melting fragmented remains of still-ticking clocks... but the hands-down freakiest room is the one that reenacts Garnet's memories of the power core of the Invincible as it destroyed her village. Since it's her childhood memory and operating under a child's view of the world, the core manifests itself as an enormous staring monstrous eye in the sky, red as blood, and surrounded by a swirling vortex of clouds. It is right there, glaring at you, all the way through the boss fight that ensues... and then you have to climb a staircase directly into its giant glowing pupil to get to the next room.
  • The music "Far Away In The Twilight". It is fucking horrifying. It plays whenever Brahne is involved in the conflict. The most notable instances of it playing are the revelation of the Black Mages in Dali, and the attack on Lindblum in Disc Two by the Alexandrian Army. To make matters worse, it never stops playing during the visit to the ruined Lindblum. The music comes to a chilling end with a Scare Chord at the end, then loops again. If this music was used during the Kuja absorbing the souls of everyone who died in the world then it would make that scene even worse.
  • After defeating the plant boss (after hearing in depth about how the seeds hatch inside of people and eat them), the ground collapses and hundreds plant-bug hybrids chase after you before the entire forest closes in and petrifies.
    • And of course, you're treated to a FMV shot of Blank petrified.
  • The invasion of Cleyra is also quite jarring. It's started off by the soundtrack piece "Ambush Attack", which is then followed by scenes of the Black Mages showing up. What they did in only saw the aftermath. Here you see first hand that they immediately start fireballing anyone in sight, including innocent civilians. Then the human soldiers show up and they seem determined to slaughter civilians as well.
    • And then even after you save the few people you can, Brahne summons Odin to destroy everything. Just one throw of his lance, and the church is the first thing to go. When he gallops away, it almost looks as though the fire from his attack is catching the clouds themselves. Even Beatrix is horrified by the attack afterwards. Other fans have noted the disturbing similarities between Odin's attack and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  • The destruction of Lindblum may be even worse than Cleyra. At least Odin killed everyone in Cleyra quickly and you don't see anything besides the explosion. But when Brahne summons Atomos at Lindblum you see it inhale hundreds of screaming people—including Brahne's own black mage army—into its mouth. Those people knew they were going to die and had plenty of time to think about it before they met whatever awful end awaited them in Atomos' mouth. Garnett can only fall to her knees in horror at the sight.
    • After Brahne calls Atomos off (only because Lindblum surrendered, mind you, not because she was feeling merciful), you can see the debris that hadn't quite reached its mouth still travelling through the air. That means that hundreds of people that weren't sucked into Atomos instead plummeted hundreds of feet to their deaths.
  • Kuja going off the deep end and destroying Terra. If you look at his blasts of energy, they don't stop; they just keep going and destroying everything in their wake. Presumably they keep going until everything in Terra is gone. Kuja wipes out an entire world in a matter of minutes. In contrast to his giddy excitement when using Bahamut, here his face is calm and all the more terrifying.