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Nightmare Fuel / Fantastic Planet

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  • The opening sequence, with a terrified human mother carrying her baby and running for her life, as a large blue hand keeps blocking her path, pushing her, picking her up and putting her back down in a different place, and putting rocks and other obstacles in her way. Ultimately the woman dies; whether from injuries or fright is unclear. It’s only then that the viewer learns the identify of her tormenter: three Draag children that were simply amusing themselves by playing with the woman, in the same way a human child might play with an insect or a mouse.
    • Not to mention how indifferent the children are to the woman's death, all one of them can do is remark it's a shame they can't play with her anymore.
  • The numerous scenes of humans being treated like pests by the Draags and as prey by some of the native wildlife. These include:
    • The gigantic Om-Eater making a meal out of a den of humans, using its long tongue and proboscis to sweep them up like ants.
    • De-Omisating the park, when the Draags release poison gas pellets all over the area to eradicate a wild human population. The humans are shown choking and dying on the gas in their dens.
    • Meanwhile "domesticated" humans in gas masks that show only their sad eyes are being led around on leashes looking for their wild counterparts, adding yet another flavor of tragic horror to the whole affair. The horror of being forced to take part in the genocide of one's own race is palpable in their eyes.
    • The hero - an Om educated by Draag teaching devices - tries to warn the feral Om tribe that captured him about standing too close to an Om trap. His fellow humans laugh at him until...
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  • Ever see a film where people bathe in the blood of a creature they killed and it's sorta erotic?

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