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Nightmare Fuel / Fantastic Four Duology
aka: Fantastic Four 2005

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Victor doesn't look so good.
  • Dr. Doom without his mask is eerie to look at, with the metal scarred face seen in this picture.
  • By the climax of the first film, Doctor Doom shoots a bolt of electricity through Ned's chest. In the trailers, he electrocutes him near water.
  • Victor has a subtly creepy way of speaking compared to the Large Ham Marvel villains shown during it's time.
    • One particularly creepy moment that stands out. The scene where Victor was using hidden camera's in the Baxter Building. Spying on Reed's attempts to study the groups abilities and find a way to return to normal. One can't help but wonder, exactly how did he even get those camera's into the building in the first place?
  • You get to see Doom's scarred face very briefly in the sequel. When you see it, you'll be glad it's only there for a second.
  • What's left of General Hager after Doom stole the Surfer's board in Siberia.
  • The chilling image of Gah Lak Tus looming over the Earth wouldn't look out of place in a Cosmic Horror Story.

Alternative Title(s): Fantastic Four 2005, Fantastic Four Rise Of The Silver Surfer


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