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Nightmare Fuel / Fallocaust

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  • The core concept alone is terrifying. the Fallocaust world is a Crapsack World of the highest order; the primary foodsource is rat- a mutant subspecies of human. Human meat, though, is a delicacy, and people are routinely eaten when they die. The greywastes are inhabited by ravers- mutated cannibals driven mad by radiation- and mutants- both naturally occurring and specifically created by Skytech, are everywhere, and the legion are in no way above killing citizens- or worse- to make a quick buck. In Skyfall, things are better, but not by much; the Dekker's are above the law, and run the full gamut from (mostly) decent people to apathetic to the sort of people who rape, murder, and kill for sport. Those in the slums face absurd crime rates, abject poverty, and malnutrition, and rape is something few people avoid. To top it off, criminals are sent to Stadium to fight for their lives for the entertainment of everyone else. Put it all together and you can see why Fallocaust is a World of Badass, especially in the Greywastes; nobody else would stand a chance.
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  • Everything about Fois Ras, which is inspired by the french delicacy Foie Gras: humans are taken, have their eyes gouged out, cheeks torn open, and feeding tubes shoved down their throats to forcefeed them, fattening their livers. Although it's ostensibly made using prisoners, Killian is captured by legionaries and sold to a factory where he undergoes the process, although he's rescued shortly after, and due to the discreet nature of the transaction gets to keep his eyes, too. Still, you have to wonder just how many innocent people have been subjected to this, purely because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • Many chimeras and Born Immortals, if not all of them, come under this category, at least from the perspective of their enemies, or even just people who got in their way. A full list would take up the whole page, but...
    • One of Reaver's main hobbies is gruesomely murdering legionaries, earning him the status of The Dreaded and the nickname "The Raven." Killian telling the legionaries who capture him that he's his boyfriend is what causes them to sell him on as opposed to eating him themselves, and when Reaver tracks them down he cripples two, scares one so badly he runs off a cliff as opposed to facing him, then interrogates another by sodomizing his son with a machete. Later, when given brief control of Aras, he purposefully infects a burglar with trideath, cuts out her tongue, then throws her into a cell with a group of fellow criminals who haven't eaten in days. When the predictable happens, and they eat her, he hosts a public execution where he reveals this information to the crowd. Not only does he get them to accept their execution, he has the entire town actively cheering for it, before cooking them alive in the middle of town.
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    • Silas is this, clad in a Sugar and Ice personality. He can be personable, even friendly, but if you cross, you die, and that's the very best case scenario. When Garrett falls for one of his cicaro's, Silas orders him to be sent to the far end of the Greywastes to fight his way back, and when pushed even further shoots him, point blank. When Apollo sleeps with an underage boy, he responds by having the boy chainsawed in half, and when Elish begins a relationship with his teacher, he has an apparatus constructed to fry him alive with, before forcing Elish to eat him. The punishment he reserves for born immortals is even worse: he has them encased, alive, in a block of concrete, continuously dying and resurrecting until Silas decides to release him, if he decides to release them at all. Even Sanguine, possibly his most beloved chimera, isn't safe from Silas; when he releases Nero and Ceph from their concrete prisons, inadvertently releasing Gage in the process, he has him chained in the basement where he was kept captive by a pedophile for over a decade; by the time he's rescued, Sanguine has clawed his face off in his madness. In short, don't mess with Silas.
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    • Sanguine suffers from mental illnesses stemming from his Dark and Troubled Past, including a Split Personality kept in check by a brain implant- an implant Silas can turn off with the flick of a switch to release his alter ego, Crow, who's even more psychotic- and sadistic- than the vast majority of chimeras. Before getting the implant, Crow influenced Sanguine to kill several people and attach their heads to various stuffed animals to free them. And Silas has that Psycho On A Leash. It's no wonder Sanguine's official role is Silas's bodyguard.
  • The situation Reaver, Killian, and Drake find themselves in at the start of A God Among Insects. The three of them wake up chained to a piece of rebar in a river, continuously dying and resurrecting for just long enough to drown again. When they get free they estimate they've been out for a couple of months, but Maverick later tells Killian that they were underwater for over a year.
    • Their situation is barely any better after their escape. They find out that they've been dropped off in California, over a thousand miles from Skyfall, and have to walk all the way back with food or water. Although they find provisions along the way, they don't last long, and their starvation is so constant that at one point Reaver carves a chunk of his own leg off just to feed Killian and Drake.
  • Garrett's domestic abuse of Reno in A God Among Insects is a depressingly realistic form of nightmare fuel, and the stalking which ensues ends with Garrett trying to have Chally and three greywasters Reno had befriended sent to stadium, as well as sodomizing Reno with a golf club.
  • Proxy Worms. When they infect corpses, they compel them to attack the living, spreading the infection and compelling them to join a mass of worms, called The Host. When they infect a living they do the same, with the added step of killing the victim. But if they infect an immortal? They breed and reproduce within their body, becoming smarter and smarter, learning to pass off as uninfected. Worse, they're not just smart; they have a hive mind, and together they're every bit as intelligent as humans. Throughout The Suicide King they slowly bring the world to the brink of destruction, infecting the chimeras one by one.
    • It gets worse; The Host is centred around The Worm King, an immortal who's been taken over and fully controlled by the proxies.
    • A God Among Insects introduces prion worms into the equation; acting as the leader of the hive mind. Not only are they smart enough to outthink and outright manipulate Elish, they're able to evade detection even from their hosts. Jade spends the entire book as a host, subtly manipulating Elish to further the worm's cause and abuse Jade enough to drive him away so that, by the time they're ready to strike, in the body of one of the most powerful chimeras on the planet, he's nowhere to be found, and they can work unhindered. Worse, all that time around Elish means they can control him with Jade's Compelling Voice, and even though Elish knows exactly what's going on, he's almost completely unable to resist.
  • The Greywastes are rife with monsters, but the Celldwellers stand out; they look like giant humans with abnormally long limbs, but have no sentience to speak of, acting purely on instinct. Sanguine barely survives his first encounter with them as a child, even aided by Nero and Ellis. When Reaver, Killian, and Drake encounter giant ones in the Plaguelands they proceed to tear Reaver limb from limb.

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