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Nightmare Fuel / Fail Army

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  • One compilation opens with a video from Children Of Poseidon, an amateur stunts channel from Australia, in which one of the CoP gang goes about body slamming a cactus. We get to see his friends picking the cactus needles off his bare back while he launches a stream of profanities. We then cut back to the cactus guy a minute later and he's still on the ground getting needles taken out of him. At this point, his screams don't even sound human. Here is the compilation, for those who are curious.
    • These guys do stuff like that for entertainment value. The end results usually come off as very, very Squicky. Of course, with that said, the videos are pretty funny, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • The 0:30 mark of this video. A man paddling on a surf board is knocked off by something in the water. We don't see what it is, we just see sudden splashing about from underneath the board.
  • At the 0:32 mark, the person filming the boat launch probably wishes they had done so from a safer distance.
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  • 1:20 A good example of why you shouldn't get too close to a crocodile.
  • Many, many examples of reckless driving. There's even a whole compilation of such
    • Perhaps one of the more frightening clips in that video occurs around the 50 second mark. During a rain storm, a truck loses control and crashes into another one. What follows is a rather large, fiery explosion.
  • The snowboarder at the 4:30 mark here attempts to land on a rail and succeeds... on her back. If that wasn't bad enough, she bounces off the rail and lands in the snow with her legs folded over her head. At least one crunch sound can be heard; followed by agonizing wailing from the snowboarder.

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