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Nightmare Fuel / Everything

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This is by the same creator of the nightmare FILLED short film The External World, of course it can get weird.

  • The Subatomic Plane is pretty trippy, with it being pitch-black with only colored shapes around everywhere.
  • If you have framerate problems, a Disaster shows up. Things like eyeballs, and windows pop-up everywhere while loud noises play. It can definitely scare you if you have them enabled without knowing.
  • The Cellular area can creep you out, with there being huge bits of pollen everywhere, with strange shapes following you. Also, it's not a pleasant place to be at if you suffer from microbiophobianote .
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  • Looking at something from a very small Thing. It can sometimes make you think "Holy crap, what is this?"
  • The inside of the Golden Gate. It's a realm filled with broken incomplete objects with depressed, angry thoughts. The more they try to escape it, the worse it all feels for them. You cannot ascend beyond the confines of the Golden Gate once you enter until you clear your mind of all thoughts, positive and negative, and allow yourself to be let loose

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