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Nightmare Fuel / End Roll

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  • The longer Russell stays in his dream ( and the more remorse he feels), the more the dream begins to warp. This starts with small but unsettling changes to the world like eyes appearing in trees and buildings or signs and fences becoming mysteriously rusted over a single night, but later in the game escalates to entire towns becoming horribly warped and overrun by monsters. And despite technically being figments of Russell's imagination, the citizens of each those towns are ACUTELY aware of their deaths.
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  • The revelation that Gardenia didn't immediately die when Russell pushed her down the stairs. She apparently lasted long enough to feel the excruciating pain of having her neck broken and see her father sobbing over her body.
  • "The Village of Kind Strangers." It's terrible enough once you understand the true nature of the place, but when you remember that each part of Russell's dream represents a part of his subconscious, it's not difficult to figure out what this place is meant to represent.
  • On the seventh day, return to Seaside. “The festival is over. Since you didn’t need it anymore.”
    • " ... the bed's stomach is torn open."

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