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Nightmare Fuel / Egyptian Mythology

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  • The Egyptian afterlife is notoriously unpleasant. After you die, ahead of you is a long journey where you face all manner of evil and frightening monsters that want to eat your soul, as well as unwelcoming geography like lakes of fire. Your only hope to succeed through all of that was if you had spells and other preparations on your corpse, and more often than not the "surviving" dead became evil spirits.
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  • Apep, as a proto-lovecraftian concept, is awful enough on its own. But the few records there are of its conception claim it is Ra's umbilical cord. Sweet dreams!
  • Sekhmet's rampage. Not even Ra — who created her, by the way — was able to call her off, and she could very well have wiped out all of humanity if she hadn't been magically pacified after getting tricked into drinking so much she passed out.
    • How was she tricked into passing out also deserves mention. A whole lake of liquor (sometimes said it was wine and sometimes it's said it was beer painted red) was set and she was told it was a lake of blood. Sekhmet immediately falls for it and drinks the whole thing without a second thought.

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