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Nightmare Fuel / Echoes

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Take Naruto with all the associated Nightmare Fuel then add: a Darker and Edgier exploration of how the setting could turn out, a couple of Eldritch Abominations several shades of Complete Monster and hero's with serious issues, Anyone Can Die and you have the Echoes Multiverse.

Examples include

  • The First chapter: The story starts with Sai commiting Suicide by Cop via a horrified Naruto, Orochimaru killing Tenzo and driving Naruto past the Despair Event Horizon with a Breaking Speech.
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  • Kistune's situation: he's a borderline Empty Shell controlled by a insane and murderous Kyubi killing anyone he encounters, he doesn't want to exist like this but the demon he called upon won't let him stop.
  • Kitsune's Kyubi in general, take Canon Kurama at his most malevolent and ominous, the demon waiting within Naruto's mind happy to destroy anything and anyone and then turn it Up to Eleven . This thing is a Ax-Crazy, Smug Super Corrupter that makes other versions of the Kurama nervous and has frankly alarming hold over its host.
  • The Madara Trio: Madara Uchiha one of the most powerful ninja in existence taking notice is bad, three of him teaming up and hunting the main characters relentlessly across world's and slaughtering anyone who gets in their way or tries to stop them is like something out of nightmare.
  • What happens to the Land of Waves Sakura manages to be this and Tearjerker : after a childhood significantly worse than what Canon Naruto had to endure including the death of family, Sakura finally gets a break and finds friends that will stand by her in Team 7 then she watches them die bloody in front of her. Cue her hitting Rage Breaking Point / Despair Event Horizon harder than Naruto did in the Invasion of Pain Arc and letting the Kyubi out completely and shouting down Minato when he tries to talk her down.

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  • WARLORD: An Omnicidal Maniac with both the monsterously evil intelligence and demonic godlike power to follow through with his goal. Everyone who sees him almost instantly know he is evil incarnate even when he tries to hide it behind a mask of sanity. He comes up with creative ways to slaughter the entire populations of the worlds he visits just so it does not get boring. What is possibly his worst act is the time he killed every person over the age of twelve in the entire world he was in on at the time. He then gathered the surviving children, split them into two armies and forced them to butcher each other with knives and other close range. He would then take the winning army (the one that was still alive) of blood soaked traumatized children, SPLIT THEM UP AGAIN into two armies and force them to slaughter each other again. At the end of all this bloodshed and crimes against humanity, he leaves the completely broken young survivors, with plans to return to this world in the future to see what kind twisted civilization spring up as a result of this atrocity. And he has equally twisted shit in other worlds. Think human body part collection contest. No more needs to be said on that.

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  • The Warlord's origins: He's a Naruto that abused the shadow clones from day one, eventually becoming nothing more then a hive of clones due to memory overload. Not only is the idea of Naruto's personality being subsumed by his clone memories utterly horrifying, but it's possible that any Naruto who abuses the shadow clone technique might eventually become him, meaning that there might well be countless Naruto's just waiting to become the monster that we saw.

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