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Nightmare Fuel / Dorohedoro

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Though filled with a cast of eccentric characters and dorky friendship, it's important to remember that the world of Dorohedoro is not a peaceful place to live in. Beware of spoilers.

  • Kaiman looks pretty scary in the earlier chapters, with his spikes and mask. Thanks to Art Evolution, though, he looks downright adorable. Once the reader learns about his relation with Ai Coleman, Aikawa and Kai, everything about Kaiman becomes full-fledged Fridged Horror. The worst part? it keeps going downhill from there.
  • Not only Shin's magic lets him cut up people without killing them (at first), he also clearly has fun at his job and his expression can be often be horrifying. The fact that his mask is shaped like a human heart don't help matters.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death is the bread and butter of this manga.It can be pretty hilarious most of time due to Asshole Victim in full play, though. However, it stops being funny halfway through the story when it turns much darker. Notable examples:
    • En being killed by Kai, dear lord. To sum it up: The Boss of the Cross-eyes tears him apart, and escapes with his head through the vent of the Manor. Not only it comes off as very unexpected, but it's a pretty nasty way to go. Jeez.
      • The aftermath is pretty messy. because he witnessed En's death, Fujita is left in such shock he sleeps for 2 days straight. Shin is unable to track down the killer, and when he and Noi question Fujita about it, the latter cannot recall the killer's face. There's also the fact that the entire organization falls apart within those days.
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    • And then there's Natsuki's death, which is this, Tear Jerker and Player Punch all packed in one; Kai kisses her then rips her apart, turning her corpse into mushroom and hiding her body underneath a statue of Chidaruma. It's abrupt, horrifying and heartbreaking.
  • Store. An humanoid bird-thing that can kill devils. It also wields the most powerful weapon in the setting, it's downright disturbing, and only does a creepy NANANANANA sound. It's the page picture, in fact.
  • Kai, jesus christ, Kai. He's an Humanoid Abomination that kills sorcerers to get their Devil Tumors, his mere presence can twist surroundings and makes sorcerers feel ill, similar to what the rain in the Hole does. Not to mention to make people hallucinate about the headless man that Kaiman/Aikawa see while dreaming. Long story short, he's a living nightmare.
    • To make a point: He's so strong, he easily kills En and overpowers both Shin and Noi. Three who are the best sorcerers in the series, and that says a lot.
    • And then there's what Kai actually is, and where the zombies and the rain on the Hole originates from...

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