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Nightmare Fuel / Diamonds Are Forever

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  • In the pre-credits scene, It appears that Blofeld is finally defeated by Bond (only this Blofeld is later revealed to just be a double), and it's certainly a grisly end. Bond straps him to an operating table and then shoves the table toward a boiling, bubbling pool of mud. "Blofeld" is completely helpless to do anything other than stare on in horror and hold out his hand, before he's plunged headfirst into the superheated mud. While Blofeld is perhaps the last person you'd ever feel sorry for in a Bond film, it's still a terrifying way to go out.
  • Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd kill Dr. Tynan with a scorpion in his back. The originally intended assassination was worse... they put the scorpion IN HIS MOUTH!
  • The corpse of Mrs. Whistler is pulled out of a canal in Amsterdam. With Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd joking about their deed, and planning to send pictures of the corpse to the children she was teaching to.
    • Rigor mortis has already set in on Mrs. Whistler's body.
  • Bond is locked in a coffin and put into a crematory oven, with absolutely no way to escape. Getting cremated alive has got to be the most horrific way to die imaginable. If it wasn't for Shady Tree's timely intervention, it would have been his genuine funeral. The Wagnerian music playing during that scene hardly makes it better.
    • Supposedly, this was the last scene Sean Connery filmed for the franchise...and it was filmed on Friday, August 13, 1971.
  • The fate of poor Plenty O'toole, drowned in a swimming pool, with the camera helpfully panning down her body towards the large weight she was tied to as slowly as possible.
  • The poor PLA soldier's death when Blofeld demonstrates his Kill Sat. He gets set on fire and dies being burned alive.
  • Mr. Kidd attempting to skewer Bond with flaming kebabs; as ridiculous as it may be, the manner in which Mr. Kidd menaces Bond as Mr. Wint attempts to strangle him is very unsettling. Instead, we are greeted by the sight of Mr. Kidd burning to death when Bond splashes him with Courvoisier, causing him to panic and jump overboard. Sadistic as he was, the sheer horror of watching a man being burned alive and screaming cannot be overstated. Also, Bond squeezing Wint's balls with his coattail before throwing him overboard with the bomb tied to him can be quite Share the Male Pain-inducing for male audiences.
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  • Blofeld's clone subjects drowned in mud.