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Nightmare Fuel / Detentionaire

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  • The fake sniper rifle bit, many of the Serpent's scenes in facts.
  • Lee, Cam, Holger, Tina and the rest almost getting trapped in the Green Apple Splat factory.
  • The Council's attempt to kidnap Lee in "Return of the Ping."
  • The final moments of the Serpent and Jenny's "date."
  • Biffy almost being crushed by an elevator at Coral Grove.
  • Finnwich being willing to kill both himself and Lee, with no one being able to stop him.
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  • Barrage messing with his own circuitry in his neck and then going completely haywire.
  • Cassandra telling one of the Wursts to interrogate Tina and Jenny more intensely.
  • Cassandra putting Biffy in the trunk of her limo and driven to what would likely be his convenient disposal while consoling Kimmie about how the only person you can trust is your mother.
  • Lynch was willing to kill Tina and Jenny, with Lee unable to save them in time. Luckily, Finnwich had filled the pool with harmless fruit juice.
  • The Serpent taking Jenny out into the woods.
  • Lee discovering the clone of his mother and almost touching her.

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