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Nightmare Fuel / Despicable Me 3

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"I'm scared!"
Unmarked spoilers below!
  • Balthazar Bratt is probably the the most contemptible, psychopathic and dangerous villain of the Despicable Me franchise yet. It's quite clear he's completely lost his mind after his show got cancelled and his fame was destroyed.
    • Bratt added lasers and missiles into his Bratt-Bot action figures, among other dangerous features.
    • When he disguises himself as Lucy (while stuffing the real Lucy in the closet, bound and gagged) and kidnaps the girls. When he removes his Lucy disguise, the girls can only gasp in absolute terror.
    • Bratt being perfectly willing to casually place the girls on the ledge of a skyscraper! Had Lucy not rescued them in time, they would likely have lead to death. And even then, she saved them with no time to spare.
    Edith: Hey, Mullethead! Let us out!
    Bratt: Oh, don't worry, girls! I've prepared a front-row seat for you!
    (Bratt opens the prison compartment on his robot, picks up the girls with his giant robot's hand, and casually places them on a skyscraper! Agnes slips and dangles over the edge for dear life!)
    Agnes: AAAH!
    Margo: Agnes! (she and Edith barely mange to pull her to safety. They watch the giant Robo-Bratt stomp away)
    Bratt: Once again, I win and Gru loses! Enjoy the show, girls.
    • One can imagine the girls having horrible flashbacks to their last kidnapping.
    • Bratt later attempts to burn unconscious Gru alive with his robot's laser! Dru manages to destroy the robot's generator seconds before the beam can touch his brother.
    • Not to mention the fact that there were still people in Hollywood when Bratt tried to encase the city in bubblegum and send it into space. If Bratt's plan had succeeded, it would have resulted in a death toll of dozens or even hundreds of innocent people, depending on how many people were able to flee the city in time.

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