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Nightmare Fuel / Darksiders

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Considering this game takes place a century After the End in a Crapsack World full of demons and other monstrosities, there's bound to be some scary stuff.

  • The Charred Council itself. Visually, it resembles three carved stone heads that absolutely tower over whoever stands before them. Each one speaks in a voice as deep as the abyss, are absolutely not interested in mercy, and send War out only because he pointed out that whether or not he dies, they still get what they want. And that's not even considering they knew he was innocent. Oh, and fun fact? NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THE FUCK THEY ARE. They just appeared in the middle of the war between Heaven and Hell and stopped it. And nobody questioned them at the time.
  • The opening shows an angel and demon crashing to earth mid-fight. You see the angel lifting up and expect him to stand up with the demon dead beneath his feet, but no, it's the other way around. The demon has impaled the angel, and as soon as he sees the humans gathered around, he immediately switches targets.
    • How outclassed the angels were. Plain and simple, they're treated as full-on cannon fodder throughout much of the game; at almost no point is any rank and file Hellguard soldier anything more than target practice, and it's terrifying to see. Thankfully, the higher-ups are pretty badass, but that doesn't diminish things much.
  • The Chosen are each nightmarish in their own ways. To elaborate;
    • Tiamat. A giant bat-dragon hybrid that for some reason has human breasts on her chest. She speaks in a grating voice and seems to excel at striking deals. Too bad for her she wouldn't like War's terms.
    • The Griever, a humongous insectoid creature that controls the already-creepy Swarm and rules over them. When fucking ULTHANE has no interest in actually killing the damn thing, it clearly means trouble.
    • The Stygian is a giant(noticing a trend?) Ashworm, which is saying something considering normal Ashworms already dwarf the previous two Chosen in size. And for some inane reason, the demons in its territory have captured it and are trying to tame it. So by the time you reach it, it's huge, it's strong, and it is fucking pissed.
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    • The last Chosen before you head for the tower, Silithia, is a piece of work. Not only is she a Mother of a Thousand Young and a ginormous mutated spider, she is also as intelligent as, if not more so than, Tiamat, and attempts to turn War against Samael by telling him the true reason for Samael enlisting his help. Also, there's the fact she collects people who tell her things. The fact Samael defines the ones she feeds to her children as the lucky ones is... chilling. Oh, and if you thought Tiamat had an unsettling voice, Silithia's is even worse.
    • Finally, the last Chosen period, Straga. Easily biggest and strongest of the Chosen, he looks absolutely demonic and serves as a Hopeless Boss Fight in the intro sequence. That's right, for as badass as War is, this thing beat the shit out of him, only losing an eye in the process. Thankfully, he's pretty fucking stupid, but still.
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  • Samael. Is he Affably Evil? Yes. Does he help War rather extensively and makes him strong enough to take on the Destroyer? Absolutely. Does this make him any less scary? FUCK no. His voice rivals the Charred Council's in pitch and he carries a serious air of apathy and menace just by showing up. And when he gets angry, he also gets very loud. In fact, he's shaping up to be a Greater-Scope Villain, and considering his boast that it would take all four Horsemen to defeat him (and Darksiders 2 not exactly disproving this claim), he may very well prove himself to be nigh-unstoppable.

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