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Nightmare Fuel / Daria

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Proof that vanity is uglier than coke-bottle glasses.


  • The vast majority of any nightmare fuel in Daria is neatly imprisoned within the confines of the pilot episode. For one thing, there's Daria's disconcertingly toothy grin (no wonder she rarely, if ever, smiles in the actual series), and for another, Brittany (every shot of her is that horrifying).
    • It's the first and only time that Daria ever smiled with her teeth for a reason.
  • Some of the Alter Egos can be creepy, such as, fittingly, one of Mr. DeMartino as a deranged and roughed up man biting the heads off animals. Other examples include Stacy as Carrie and Sandi as the Devil.
  • Jake's father. Although we never saw a complete appearance of this character, what we hear about him is quite disturbing (indeed, the only character in the entire series showing sociopathic traits). He is largely responsible for Jake's fragile state of mind and neurosis as the result of an abusive upbringing. Despite never appearing onscreen, his influence is felt every time Jake goes off on a tangent about his childhood. It's stated he was dead by the time he was Jake's age.
  • Regarding Mr. DeMartino, his two Evil Laugh moments are rather creepy, especially as both are directed towards the viewer and are shown in an ominous shade.
    • And we haven't even gotten started on the part where his eye often bulges out of its socket when he's really outraged.
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  • Allison, from Is It Fall Yet? plied Jane with alcohol and tried to seduce her into bed. This was when Jane was still legally a minor and Allison was an adult. What's more, she showed zero concern for Jane's stated orientation, insisting that she never hit on straight girls. And when Jane saw her acting flirtatious with an artist she'd called "pretentious" just the day before, Allison blew her off by suggesting Jane was too serious about the whole thing. What would have happened if she'd gotten Jane just a bit more drunk? And is Jane the only underage girl she's ever pulled this sort of tactic on?

Season 1

  • When vanity-obsessed Quinn goes to see a plastic surgeon, the surgeon waylays Daria into a 'change-your-features' session until the image on-screen becomes Quinn's. It's played for laughs and can't really deepen Daria's cynicism any more, but consider the surgeon's message: The only way to popularity is to spend tens of thousands of dollars to erase your identity entirely. Also scary: Even Daria's speech to Quinn, admitting that her looks are so great they make other girls, including herself, ill, cannot sway Quinn from her quest for Perfect Plus.
    • The only thing that can is that the girl who just had her body and face madeover by Dr. Shar (the plastic surgeon), nose just collated and is being sent to the ER. They are informed by Quinn's friends, who are holding their new noses with their hands in a rush to a good doctor (noses courtesy by Dr. Shar). Heck earlier Dr. Shar was seen telling a patient on the phone, that they're just not used to breathing with their new nostrils. Yes. Not only does the doctor prey on the insecurities and wallets of people, she could easily have them killed due to her incompetence.
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    • Dr. Shar even looks like a nightmare
  • Daria's family, when they eat the psychotropic berries when they go camping... their eyes...

Season 2

  • It was Played for Laughs in context, but something feels creepy about Daria's nightmare in which she and Jane become as ditzy as the Fashion Club. Much of this feeling relates to the fact the nightmare showed Daria conversing with three girls who each had the same face and hairstyle as Jane, but spoke with a voice belonging to one of Quinn's friends. Also, none of them find this a strange sight because they spend so much time talking about pores.

Season 3

  • The "Hall of Mirrors" in Daria's nightmare in "Through a Lens Darkly". What starts off as innocent hall of mirror fare ends up with some of the most grotesque animations seen in the show (see image).
  • The Sarcastathon 3000 intro to "The Lawndale File" features Daria and Jane in rather ridiculous alien getup. But then Daria comments "Enjoy it, because tomorrow, you will be our slaves" in a surprisingly ominous tone.
    • While on the subject matter, another intro features the two in rather creepy Gothic attire in a graveyard with Daria holding a skull, setting up a creepy story about a strange knock at the door. Though it becomes Nightmare Retardant when Jane reveals that said knock at the door is a girl asking if the house's tenants would like a magazine subscription.

Season 4

  • The Urban Legends told in "Legends of the Mall", particuarly the one which casts Mr. De Martino as a shop teacher driven to madness by the stupidity of his class, resulting in the loss of his teeth which he replaces with metal ones himself. The way he just takes a chunk out a door is especially disconcerting.
    • Woe betide you if you enter the "Legends of the Mall" or Metalmouth pages on The Daria Wiki...
    • The Rattling Girl (the story of the girl from the 1960s who looks like Sandi who became so skinny that her bones rattled when she danced). *shudder*
    • Worse one was the Grade Changing girl. It was bad enough Daria played the part in her own urban legend, what made it scarier was that she laughed evilly comparable to Mr. DeMartino.

Season 5

  • While this is more of a Fridge Horror, in the episode "Fizz Ed", Ms. Angela Li demonstrates quite psychotic behavior, to the point of being Ax-Crazy; the Fridge Horror is that if you think about it, who knows what Ms. Li would have done with the ax if she had not stopped. Note that until she was transferred by ambulance.
  • The substitute in Lucky Strike, Mr. Edwards, was flirting with Tiffany, a minor. What makes him even creepier is the tone and looks he was giving to her in front of the whole class, while he talked nonstop and acted out scenes of his book, using words like "blossoming the budding flower of a woman-child" while stroking her hair. Thanks to God Helen did something about it.
    • What makes the situation worse is that Ms. Li, after she fired him, was pissed off at Helen for threatening the lawsuit. How long would she have allowed that?
  • The sushi parasite that's pulled out of Jake's mouth in "My Night with Daria".
  • The beginning of "Boxing Daria" is a completely black screen, followed by the sound of a car crashing and a voice asking "Miss? Miss? Are you alright?" We find out later that Daria's fine and nobody got hurt, but it's still scary.


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