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Nightmare Fuel / Dälek

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Before there was Death Grips, there was dälek, and they're arguably even creepier.

  • "Spiritual Healing", which opens with an out-of-tune piano before descending into a sinister, droney beat, backed by a very intimidating distorted guitar that can be compared to somebody screaming or a broken police siren, with Will Brooks' furious rapping over it.
  • The two song combo of "Heads" and "Black Smoke Rises." The former is a short interlude track that features bizarre electronic noises and distorted guitar jamming with samples of people saying the word "dialect" over it, before it suddenly and without warning erupts into the heaviest drum solo to ever appear in a rap interlude. The latter is a 12 minute Drone of Dread that sounds like something from the acid nightmares of John Cage, with Brooks reciting lyrics about what seems to be a man crossing the Despair Event Horizon in a traumatized sounding Creepy Monotone. Suffice to say, this is the part of the album that drives most casual listeners away.
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  • The Uncanny Valley cover art of From Filthy Tongue... is very creepy on its own.
  • Absence as a whole could count, with its even heavier beats and even more dystopian lyrics. "Distorted Prose" and "Asylum (Permanent Underclass)" are particularly effective in this regard.

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