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Nightmare Fuel / D'LIRIUM

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The entire thing. One reviewer went so far as to declare it as a real-life version of a game from a Creepypasta. To be specific:

  • The game over screen is a bloody Unicorn skull screaming, followed by Ada's mutilated corpse hanging from Christmas lights, or even hanging off chains.
  • After Ada opens the Casket, she goes to have dinner with Abel and her friends. The clock strikes twelve and everything turns dark. When she turns on a light, the entire mansion and its environs are transformed into a demonic wasteland and her friends were killed and gored.
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  • All the environment is disturbing. It's in near complete darkness, covered in dark shades, haunting sigils, random pools of blood and mutilated corpses, and they only get worse the deeper you go.
  • The atmosphere is one of complete solitude, trapped in the aforementioned Dark World with nothing but horrific demons to keep you company. Often the soundtrack consists solely of "Psycho" Strings punctuated with the occasional Scare Chord.
  • If you die of shock, you awake in your Personal Hell as a ghoul. It's a series of dark caverns where you have to collect your Soul Fragments to present to your (gigantic, realistic) Heart in order to escape. To make matters worse, the map is slowly engulf by creeping black tendrils, and if they take over the whole map, you lose.
  • All of the levels:
    • The first level is the manor itself, turned from a festive house to a Haunted House/Eldritch Location.
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    • The second level is the mansion basement, a series of dark tunnels.
    • The third level is a series of ice caves that lead out from the mansion, punctuated by hidden temples.
    • The fourth level is the similar, but your flashlight doesn't work, leaving you in darkness for much of the time.
    • The fifth level is a graveyard. It's nigh-impossible to navigate and crawling with Mooks.
    • The final level, Pandemonium, is a series of dark metal corridors raised from an infinite abyss.
  • In the Bad Ending, Ada becomes an Evil Overlord who kills her friends and resurrects them as Nightmares to serve as minions. There's also a very ominous shot of Ada in hell with her friends behinds her, before it cuts to red static to show Ada's stoic face..before another shot is shown of her face drenched in blood and giving a very ominous Death Glare...
  • Whenever you save the game, you're shown an animation of Ada's current state: First she's shown to be normal, if not a bit stoic. But if you let her get too hurt, she has bruises and cuts all over and looks at the verge of passing out. It gets worse if you keep killing enemies, to which she looks bruised/cut but with a look of anger.
    • To say nothing when you surpass 100 kills: Her left eye begins glowing, forshadowing the Bad Ending..

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