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Nightmare Fuel / Crystal's Pony Tale

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Surprisingly, the otherwise saccharine Crystal's Pony Tale has Nightmare Fuel.

  • The game pits Crystal against a disproportionately intimidating figure in the form of the Witch. The opening sequence featuring her is unrelentingly ominous, which is amplified by the chilling soundtrack. The lack of motivation for the Witch's actions only adds to the unsettling sense of mystery surrounding her. It also doesn't help that she shows up at random points to impede Crystal's progress. Just when Crystal is about to save one of her friends... SURPRISE! There she is to stop her. You could look up any Let's Play of the game on YouTube and it's a guarantee that around half of the commentators will bring up how badly the Witch scared them as a kid.
    • Also, how the Witch imprisons Crystal's friends, most of them falling into And I Must Scream territory. One of them could be encased in a cave wall, another could be stuck on the carousel and still another could locked in the circus train car.
  • The bees that show up on the grassy level and drop honey on Crystal, complete with the "Flight of the Bumblebee" playing in the background.
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  • The Creepy Circus Music that plays when Crystal approaches the carousel.
  • When approaching the old bridge with the bats swooping in and out of it, an ominous rendition of "In the Hall of the Mountain King" starts playing.


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