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Nightmare Fuel / Creation Wiki

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As Creation Wiki has random pages, there are some that will actually make you feel scared.

Some...nightmare-inducing stuff down there. 'Nuff said.

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    The shitposts 
  • Some of the "mfw" pages. They range from stubbing all toes in a single day to having Insecurity97's cousin get him out of his room by throwing pillows and dirty clothes at him.
  • The user PB&Jotterisnumber1 has asked another user named Onion Senpai to spank her for no legitimate reason.
    The projects 
  • The most infamous project on the wiki is "List of incidents in Creation Universe" this is a page where users can write about fictional incidents at a fictional amusement park, some of these incidents include, a baby being shaken to death, a guy in a costume killing an old lady, a giant animatronic killing hundreds of people, and a plane crashing into a ride and killing 400 people, these incidents are ridiculously morbid, and the page is often mocked for that fact, to the point of a subpage for joke incidents being created.
  • The premise of Nexus can be frightening. A dictator named Torvile reigns control over an entire galaxy after a great war that left planets mostly devastated. What he did as dictator? He proceeded to make a slave out of almost everyone in the galaxy and make conditions extremely unfair. The only ones who aren't treated as slaves are the ones who are residing in Underfire, as Torvile does not acknowledge them. Even Torvile's own family is subject to the slavery. Slaves have to act and pretend that they adore Torvile and his ways, but most actually feel the opposite and want to escape. Higher-ups are treated just the same as everyone else. Only Torvile gets to sit on higher ground.
    • The worst part is, this also happens in real-life. Sort of. Cults can act in a similar manner to Torvile — brainwashing their members into thinking in a certain way for the cult leader's benefit. If members don't follow along or quit, they are often punished severely. This is almost exactly what happens in the show.
  • Nova, the main antagonist of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness, is a murderer who has killed and tortured various people in the past and plans to do the same in the finale... except on a much larger scale with the entire multiverse.
  • The past of Paradox Science. The corrupt corporation has conducted human experiments, has created deadly beasts and has developed technology that could potentially destroy the world. Chrome has a machine from the corporation in his basement that, with a click of a button, can literally destroy the world. But he keeps it hidden behind a blue tarp... like that will do anything.
    • The final mystery of the show is a gray door within the Paradox Science building. It is unknown what is behind it, but it can't be anything good.
  • Chrome's Show of Chromeyness has been cancelled to make way for Nexus. All nightmare fuel that was to be included is listed below.
    • Nova's once orange bowtie is red because it was bathed in blood after the massacre of the Clipei. He specifically made sure it turned red so it could mimic the hair clip of Scarlet Ophelia, who died millenia before the events of Chrome's Show of Chromeyness at the hand of a man who stabbed and killed her with Chrome's sword while Nova was distracted. Ultimately, Nova would be distracted in the series finale by Hope, who would sacrifice herself so the others could escape and seal the entrance of the Void with a barrier formed by Chrome's sword which would cause both Nova and Hope to die from the contained explosion of the Universal Supernova Bomb. Also, Nova personally dislikes Chrome because he holds the sword that was once used to kill his beloved one.
    • The death of Scarlet was to be displayed in the series finale via a flashback, which would feature blood launching out of her body as she was stabbed. However, since the entire flashback is in a sillhouette style, the blood wouldn't be shown as red.
    • A character named Caelum was to be introduced in Season 2. He was a regular man who fell down the Chasm of Loss after being tricked by Nova. Paradox Science attempted to bring him back, but as a result he was transformed into a being of light, unable to communicate properly. He was to use morse code to communicate in the show.

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