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Nightmare Fuel / Crash Bash

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  • Could be Accidental Nightmare Fuel, but the opening to the game is unnaturally dark. So many beats between transitions, a vocoded, robotic voice narrating each screen, and a droning, ambient track in the background. To quote SomecallmeJohnny, "Are we playing Crash Bash, or Resident Evil?"
  • The bad guy ending is quite possibly the grimmest moment in the entire series, with Uka Uka actually succeeding in capturing the crystals and Aku Aku, on the brink of a Heroic BSoD, begs Crash and Coco to flee for their lives. No gags, mood breakers or even any goofy music, just Uka Uka laughing demonically as lightning erupts in the background, with the Earth awaiting damnation.
    • Really, Aku Aku's final line just cements it. He laments that good failed in the face of evil and sends Crash and Coco into hiding, even though it's clear that his brother will hunt them down.
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  • Even before then, Uka Uka is portrayed in a far more menacing light. If you thought that Clancy Brown made him creepy in Warped, this is even worse. He's far more aggressive, his voice is much lower, almost like a demonic entity, and he's just barely stopped from slaying Cortex and N. Brio for failing him in the good ending. Considering the stakes, it becomes very evident why.