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Nightmare Fuel / Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

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None have dared to fail the great Uka Uka even once! But you, Cortex, you have failed me TWICE!!!

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The intro. The moment Uka Uka is free he lets out unsettling evil laughs. If that wasn't enough the first time we set our eyes on him is the scene where he scolds Cortex for failing twice in the past, all while done in darkness with his creepy voice.
  • Think the Game Over screen of the second game was bad? The third game has Uka Uka screaming GAME OVER right on your face while he's very close to the screen making a demonic expression, with Clancy Brown's delivery making him sound like he's making you cement the fact that your journey has ended, in your doom. Add to the fact that the usually blue hyperspace background is now colored a sinister red.
    • In the "continue?" screen, if you select "no", Dr. Cortex suddenly appears and says "Goodbye for now" rather creepily.
  • The two-headed giants from the Middle Age levels. To make matters worse, when Crash gets hit by one of them, he gets thrown into the camera!
  • In the prehistoric levels:
    • A Triceratops will play the role of the polar bear and the classic boulders. He also has Black Eyes of Evil but this time, when Crash reaches an edge, the dinosaur will just wait till you restart the runaway. If he catches you, he'll repeatedly trample you.
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    • In the chase you might meet some frightened pteranodon. Even if they are frightened of the giant horned creature, they will take Crash with them if he gets close enough. Not all are bad though.
    • The Lab Assistant mooks with black capes waiting for Crash like a predator patiently waits for its prey.
  • The futuristic levels contain ovaloid machines that will disintegrate you with a single touch, giant skull-faced robots, robotic shells with spikes and Lab Assistants with UFO-like abduction beams.
    • The futuristic deaths are not exactly funny either. Touching the wrong part of the ovaloid machines, the UFO, or the skull-faced robots results in a very loud buzzing noise while Crash is suddenly phased out of existence. Barring perhaps the macabre drowning animation from Cortex Strikes Back (which also appears here), it's probably the most unsettling death animation of the entire series.
  • The Arabian Nights levels have the covered faced men that throw bombs to lit fire and can only be defeated with the bazooka. Their design look very human and aren't clearly your typical Lab Assistant mook (barring their redesign in N-Sane Trilogy).
    • If you are arachnophobic or scared of any of their arachnid relatives, there are scorpions hanging upside down in said levels.
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  • The level "Bug Lite" especially. If you don't have a firefly with you you'll be in darkness with many of the scary enemies about.
  • The secret warp room which reveals the true nature of Cortex's Lab Assistants: they are androids. The factory provides them with human-like appearances and costumes depending on the levels.
  • The final battle against Cortex where you have to dodge Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka's beams or else you will disintegrate. It's quite creepy that you have to dodge the powerful beams of your biggest ally in the games.
  • The true ending. Sure it might look funny at the first glance, but it doesn't change the fact that after being engulfed in the massive warp ball, N. Tropy and Cortex are reduced into infants and sitting on a strange chunk of land with the warp hyperspace in the background; i.e nowhere. A "gentle" yet unusually brutal way of finishing villains.
  • Certain cutscenes begins with Uka Uka immediately appearing, controlling Cortex.
    Uka Uka: Why, why must you continue to be a thorn in our side?!
    (Uka Uka floats off of Cortex's head)
    Cortex: Who...what?! Where was I?
  • Before the final boss, one more hologram cutscene begins. You expect a tantrum from Cortex like you got from the previous four bosses, but instead Cortex just chuckles in a rather eerie tone for a lengthy while. Given you've collected all 25 crystal he laments he probably should be rather angry...
    Uka Uka: And as a matter of fact, we're FURIOUS!!!! But you seem to have overlooked one small detail, you little orange delivery boy. Now that you have gathered all of the crystals, all we need to TAKE THEM YOU!!!

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