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Nightmare Fuel / Count Dracula (1977)

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Beauty outside, but beasts within.

  • After the cold open, we get a Title Sequence in which we're shown a church's stained glass art. It zooms in on one part where the eyes are glowing red as the screen darkens around it. After which were shown the title as lighting strikes over plaque which is obviously embedded on Dracula's coffin. After a lighting strike, we cut to a hand pushing open the lid as he rises. And finally it then goes to a dead woman inside her coffin. But after one more lighting strike, she opens her eyes. The image freezing on it and the thunder continues. Not a bad way to set the mood.
  • When the brides try to feed on Harker. The scene really goes out of it's way to show that there's something not right about these women. As they seduce Harker, he keeps seeing images of Mina, as if subconsciously trying to ward off their charms. Dracula soon arrives and orders them away, his entrance shot in a black and white filter for a moment and his voice sounding demonic as well before returning to his regular tone Unlike most adaptations, he isn't angry or rough with them, On the contrary their brief interaction is quite playful and he even embraces them while telling them he's going to London. As stated on the main page this make it all the more creepy, as if to show that he's fully in control of these women. And of course when they ask if they're to eat anything that night, he points to the bag and they pull out a baby. After which the sound cuts off as we see Harker's shocked expression before cutting to two of the brides, their eyes now red colored and them smiling contently with blood on their mouths. Before ending the scene of a close up of their red eyes.
  • In fact Dracula himself is rarely portrayed as beast-like in this one. He speaks in a polite tone and showcases full confidence, as if he knows no one stands a chance against him and that their protection against him is limited at best. It indeed makes him all the scarier for it.
  • When Harker tries to make his escape from the castle, he comes across the Count and brides sleeping quarters. The brides still having blood on their lips from the nightly feeding and their eyes open. The latter two brides even react to his presence but can't move due to it being daylight. Eventually he gets to Dracula and pulls open his lid on his coffin. Like the women, he opens his eyes and known Harker is there. Harker grabs a shovel and tries to bash him with it but there's no damage whatsoever. Dracula just turns to him and smiles as if to say "Nice try, your lucky I can't move now or you'd be dead". Harker quickly flees while he can.
  • When Helsing, Seward and Quincy head to the cemetery, they hear growling and look up in the trees to see Lucy. However she's much more feral acting like a while animal much to their horror, especially Quincy. She suddenly fades from view. We then see her coming down some stair and the camera goes to a close up on her face, where she likewise sports the all red eyes as she continues growling. She then appears before the hunter though seemingly normal (save the fangs obviously) and tries to seduce Quincy. In the span of a second she reverts to her feral mode and tries to bite him only for Helsing to quickly use his cross to drive her back. She wheels back, snarling all the while until ultimately turning to mist and escaping into the mausoleum. The group head in and proceed to stake her, where indeed she screams all the while until finally dying.