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Nightmare Fuel / Count Dankula

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Absolute Mad Lads

  • The video on the Sawney Clan is as gruesome as you'd expect from a story about a gang of cannibalistic, incestuous highwaymen. One of the worst parts is the description of how they murdered the wife of the knight that fought back against them — the women of the Sawney Clan ripped her off the man's horse, and then ripped her limb from limb, disemboweling her, with their bare hands. It's tempered by the fact that the clan does eventually meet its end, and that it's dubious whether they existed as stated in the story to begin with, but it's still an unsettling tale.
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  • Shoko Asahara had a bizarre and outlandish cult with a sophisticated PR campaign and managing to attract the wealthy and educated. But, beneath the facade, Aum Shinrikyo had a sinister underbelly that led to several deaths (including disappearances of whistleblowers and the numerous failed attempts to ensure that their extreme stunts could be carried out), as well as the manufacture of chemical weapons which sent apartment complexes in a panic, and that was even before the 1995 sarin attack.
  • The first really gruesome one is about Burke & Hare, and features some nightmarish descriptions of the way they murdered their victims. This crosses over into Tear Jerker when he covers their killing of an old woman and her grandson. It doesn't help that three of the four Mad Lads end up pulling a Karma Houdini.
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  • His video on Tarrare is also mixed with Nausea Fuel, particularly in regards to the various experiments on him. Such experiments included live animals such as cats and eels, where he ate all but the former's bones and swallowed the latter whole.
  • The one about Uday Hussein goes over all of his favourite torture methods in bone-chilling detail. Count Dankula considered him highly unpleasant, especially even compared to some of the more unsavory Mad Lads.
    • The intro for the video makes it very clear that the viewers are not in for a fun experience.
    Dankula: Some of you might be unfortunate enough to know a Spoiled Brat. Someone who had a rich and powerful daddy and when they were growing up, they were given whatever they wanted and that in turn turned them into an arrogant, unsufferable douchebag. But some brats' fathers are so powerful that the brat doesn't just get whatever he wants... They can DO whatever they want! And that can be quite a deadly combination, especially when the spoiled brat in one of the most violent psychopaths the world has ever seen! The Ace of Hearts; Uday Hussein.
    Dankula: It was a dark day in Iraq when Uday discovered the Internet.
  • There's a reason why the episode on The Björk Stalker has a disclaimer at the very beginning stating that the footage contains what some people find disturbing. The Sanity Slippage in the footage gets uncomfortable to watch, especially towards the end of his recordings where he prepares to shoot himself after mailing an acid bomb to Björk.


  • His video about working in call centres provides some very real examples of this as he goes into detail about the truly awful things he faced while actually working in one. He does preface this by saying that it's unlikely all call centres are like this and these are just his experiences, but it's still scary to think that people are working in these conditions in a developed country.


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