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Nightmare Fuel / C.O.P.S.

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Live-Action TV Series

  • It's rare, but when the officers have to use their guns, it's usually frightening and sudden.
  • How erratic and unpredictable some of the criminals act, especially the drug users.
  • This one banned episode absolutely took the cake. a 15 year old girl dials cops after her grandma went to go investigate a noise outside from her house and never returned, leaving her left alone in a pitch black house once the cops get there, she finally comes outside and leads them to the exact abandoned horse-pen where she last seen her grandmother go to before going missing. Everything is completely disturbingly silent for the entire time and almost pitch black, until a blonde woman throws herself against the bars, and hysterically begs for them to help her. However, the real horror comes as she looks to her right and screams at the top of her lungs at a woman wearing all black running towards them screaming while holding a knife up high in the air, she is quickly shot down by a shotgun wielding cop and it instantly turns the girl who dialed them into a screaming wreck. She then points out another woman charging at them with a large knife before the same cop shoots her down and forces the cameraman and the girl to run away while more gunshots are heard far away. Even scarier, the cameraman ends up driving off with the girl, so it is unknown what happened to her grandmother, those cops or the woman that begged them for help.
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  • One episode had a man calling the cops to informed them that he had shot and killed his best friend in self-defense. However, upon viewing the man's body and its position (where he was slumped onto the floor, Dies Wide Open and with a slice of pizza dangling out of his mouth), it was pretty obvious that there was much more to the story than what he had told him and the officers subsequently arrested him.
  • In general, all the drunks that the police catch on the road. Think how many people were sharing the road with them, and how close they might have come to getting hurt because this one idiot won't call a friend, a cab, or just sleep it off. Heck, although it's completely unofficial, in some smaller jurisdictions the police themselves will, depending on the situation and/or their workload at the time, give you a ride home.

C.O.P.S. Cartoon show

  • From the drugs episode- Berserko, while trying to break into a warehouse, falls into a crate of Addictem's drug supply by mistake. Since the drug is absorbed by the skin, he's given literally hundreds of doses of the stuff in one go and is screaming in pure agony from it. The scene is only made worse because the drug seems to have some technological component to it which causes it to glow and shoot sparks when it activates, leaving Berserko not only in excruciating pain, but in a glowing mess that looks like he's being electrocuted. The scene goes out of its way to show us that he's being tortured by this in the worst way possible. The fact he nearly dies from this doesn't help.
    • Addictem himself, who is a prime example of Evil Makes You Ugly, he looks more like some sort of ghoul than a human being, with white hair, grey skin and a disgusting, shriveled appearance.
    • The fate of the poor bastards who get hooked on Bliss. While it's mostly due to the episodes enforced Drugs Are Bad message, the result looks a lot like late-stage meth addiction.


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