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Nightmare Fuel / Codename: Sailor V

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  • Sailor V's first kill was not only the sempai she was crushing on, he looked perfectly normal even in youma form-and was amassing a harem of brainwashed girls. And he nearly got Minako too.
    • The Dark Agency youma tend to use brainwashing more often than the main Dark Kingdom-and it wasn't the only time they nearly got Minako.
  • Pandora casually brainwashing most of Minato Ward through their televisions. And she too also almost got Minako...
  • Petit Pandora, Pandora's sister, shares her face... But makes the death worse, as her fumes are actually poisonous. Good thing Sailor V could purify that...
  • Cyber Warrior Luga emerging from the stolen motherboard of one of her arcade machines and demanding who dared. And when Sailor V appears, she traps her in the game and starts a fight, with V unable to fight back because, as the player character, she needs someone at her VR helmet and gloves controllers. Had Amano not got the commands and revealed himself a formidable martial artist, she would have died.
  • The Pet Diaries are for the most part silly... But contain huge amounts of nightmare:
    • Nyan Nyan targets a school by having every ticket for the treasure hunt changed into a cat... And filling the area with her kitty minions, ready to drain any unlucky student to death.
      • Topped by Sailor V's retaliation, the Venus Sulphur Smoke. It just stuns everyone with its horrible stink, and Artemis thinks she farted... Except V describes it as summoning a cloud of Venus' atmosphere. And this was her holding back for fear of harming the drained students.
    • Wan Wan's plan is to put his dog minions into all the houses of Minato and, at the right moment, drain everyone to death. And the only reason he's doing this is to avenge his sister Nyan Nyan's death.
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    • Chuu Chuu easily tops everything pulled so far in the Pet Diaries: she not only goes around draining people's blood in large quantities, when exposed she unleashes billions of demonic mosquitoes.
  • The Grand Finale is a long sequence of such moments:

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