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Nightmare Fuel / Citta Alveare

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  • Idate's brutal beatdown and consumption of Samekichi.
  • The very nature of Sketchbook's powers as she exposed the inner fears of others and exploited them. Thankfully locked.
  • The trauma Bilbo Baggins went through every time someone wanted to ride the dragon.
  • The PTSD effect any sort of solar eclipse appeared to have on the citizens.
  • Mercer's use of his abilities to mentally terrify and traumatize the Once-ler.
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  • Hazama.
  • Walter Sullivan's treatment of Henry Townshend, as well as his Otherworlds.
  • Ken Amada's Shadow. Just... holy shit. [1]
  • The 2017 Halloween mini-event? Everyone's worst fears coming to life and able to harm other people, of course!

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