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Nightmare Fuel / Chelsea

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  • The whole premise is a bit frightening. You're trying to find an engagement ring that you bought for your soon-to-be spouse and you're confronted by dark and terrifying creatures that want to kill you.
  • Everything about the pedophile neighbour. It's shown that he had a daughter named Eve, whom he was overprotective with. He divorced his wife and abducted Eve, locking her in a basement. Eventually the girl died, and he...did things with her corpse. When Daniel finds the basement, he finds buckets of blood and intestines, broken toys and books about necrophilia.
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  • Daniel witnessing the Theatre Man hanging in the lobby. Nothing indicates that he was murdered or if he committed suicide for some reason.
  • Anytime that the dark spirit appears. In the school, the spirit has bursts of speed and can catch up to Daniel really quick.
  • That angel statue chase in the Lost Angels Mortem. If you have automatonophobia, this is sure to scare you.

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