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Nightmare Fuel / Chaotic

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  • The Blight, a giant green glob that attacks randomly in Prexxor Chasm and all its inhabitants are terrified of it introduced in "Chasm Quest". It first appears during a match Tom and Peyton are having and they're stunned by it as it is immune to all their attacks. Tom realizes why Smildon wanted to use his Scanner to leave as it will always attack and nothing can stand in its way as Attacks, Gear, or Mugic have no effect on it. The episode it first appears in ends with Smildon hearing it approaching.
    • Things get worse in the follow-up episode. Where the Blight's gotten huge, and Prexxor Chasm looks almost completely devastated.
  • Cromaxx, Maxxor's ancient ancestor. Unlike Maxxor, Cromaxx is a wild and savage brute that has no restraint and who will stop at nothing to destroy anything in his path and is just as strong as him and will attempt to destroy anything he percieves is an enemy. Which is everything.
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  • From "A Fearsome Fate", the hallucinations that Maxxor/Tom experience due to Maxxor's drained courage stat are both this in universe and out of universe. They make even Intress and Cerbie scary!
  • While the "curse" in "The Curse of Kor-bek" turned out to be nothing more than the greed of Captain Kor-bek and his men, their fate still seems rather nasty. Imagine being paralyzed for the rest of your life, which since you're not getting any food or water will be cut rather short. Also remember a victim of the Song of Stasis mugic can still move their eyes...
  • Some of the creatures designs can be pretty creepy, for example all of the M'arrillians, the Overworlders Skulk and Hifdan, most Danians that use infection effects, and finally the card art of Swassa, although she's perfectly normal in the show during "Chaor's Commandos".


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