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Nightmare Fuel / Cells at Work! CODE BLACK
aka: Cells At Work Black

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  • The way bacteria are depicted here. Unlike in the main series, where they act as typical shounen antagonists, here they are monstrous Humanoid Abominations who show no mercy and kill everything in sight. Compare the pneumococcus of the main series (who was your standard Card-Carrying Villain) to the ones in the first chapter, who look more rugged, only emit growls and don't even try to communicate with the red blood cells, just killing them. The gonococcus of chapter 4 are even worse, looking like huge phalic monsters from some tentacle porn hentai who leave lots of pus (i.e. neutrophil corpses) around the body. It doesn't helps that they have some rape vibes in the way they fight and kill neutrophils, nor that they have tentacles that not only also have form of penises, but they have eyes and mouths too.
  • A bit of Ascended Fridge Horror...remember how fans have wondered what autoimmunity would look like in a setting of cells as people? Here we get to see... and it's the Killer T Cells, so overworked from the harsh conditions of the body that they've gone insane and started to murder the body cells themselves, thinking them to be enemies.
    • Their appearance in the chapter only makes it even more horrific. The T Cells are brutally beating up the hapless hair follicle cells, with their bare fists, or hammers twice as big as the Killer T's are, and while they look like berserk animals, you can't help but feel that they're also terrified, fighting for their lives and the host body's, being constantly whipped and kept in this state of frenzy by the well-meaning Commander T Cell continuously releasing cytokines.
  • The effects that carbon monoxide from smoking have on red blood cells. It makes them insane, turns their eyes blank and makes their veins visible from their bodies. It also leaves them vulnerable to the attack of the ferocious bacteria mentioned above.
  • Gout: giant, crystalline structures that completely destroy huge swathes of cellular districts, that the macrophages and the neutrophils can't even make a dent in, and this is after they pull out the bazookas and the assault rifles.
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  • The Hepatocyte in Chapter 6 appears weak, disheveled and with bags under her eyes from being overworked. Given that she's in that state because of the body's owner's excessive alcohol consumption, it's impossible not to draw some unsettling parallels.
  • The entire premise. If you drink, smoke, have unprotected sex, eat unhealthily, or just plain overwork without rest, your body will eventually give up, refuse to work and will almost die of heart attack. Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, indeed.

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