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Nightmare Fuel / Cattle Decapitation

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Given that Cattle Decapitation deals with a lot of gruesomely misanthropic themes, this isn't too surprising. Seriously, their music (and videos) are so terrifying that listing every last example would be truly exhausting to fit outside its own page. Even their non-gory songs are still likely to trigger your eco-anxiety.

  • Most of their album covers easily qualify. Special mention should go to the first three albums, with Humanure's cover being so revolting the band had to change it.
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  • The intro of "Testicular Manslaughter" is an audio snippet of an actual decapitation. It's just as bad as it sounds.
  • "Men Before Swine", the outro of Humanure, closes the album out with an incredibly unnerving sound collage of noises from an actual slaughterhouse. The worst thing is, this goes on for nine minutes.
  • "The Harvest Floor/Regret & the Grave". The former serves as an intro of sorts and is an ominous ambient piece with Jarboe chanting wordlessly over it, while the latter starts with a hypnotic bassline and tribal-esque drum pattern before a very eerie cello line starts over it. Then the guitars kick in, along with Travis' roar, and you know that something's coming. It does... in the form of a ear-piercingly screechy lead riff. The whole thing borders on traumatic.
  • While "Forced Gender Reassignment" isn't particularly unsettling as a song (it's a pretty straightforward brutal death song, even though it will qualify as this trope anyways to the unitiated), the video is, well... let's put it this way: it's a fairly faithful reproduction of the lyrics. Sans Gory Discretion Shots. Let that sink in for a moment. The fact that the victims in the video are Westboro Baptist Church expies only barely makes things better due to how disproportionate the suffering they receive is.
  • The chorus of "Your Disposal", as catchy as it is, is also deeply unsettling. Let's face it, Travis' "clean" vocals are this trope in general.
  • "Dead Set on Suicide"'s high shrieks sound like a gathering of demons having their tongues ripped out. It's magnificent.
  • "Pacific Grim" is, in a word, apocalyptic. It's structured like the final chapter of humanity as it slides from desperation to resignation, and the song feels like a twisted funeral hymn.
    ...And when there's nowhere to hide
    Death comes with the tide...
  • Death Atlas is a Concept Album about how humanity has irreversibly damaged the environment, and how an apocalyptic scenario is now inevitable. Despite not having any gore-themed songs, it can still leave you feeling thoroughly disturbed, due to how it suggests that all of mankind could be wiped out in the near future, that there's nothing we'll be able do about it, and that we deserve this fate for our awful treatment of the environment. And unlike any fictional serial killer or psycho that the band could have written about, the threat described in these lyrics is very, very real.
    We deserve everything that's coming
    We deserve everything that's coming
    We deserve everything that's coming
    We took this world to our graves


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