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Nightmare Fuel / Cat Soup

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  • While more awe-inspiring than terror-inducing, it still has its incredibly disturbing moments.
  • The time scene. Time gets sped up and then reversed all while horrific scenes of violence, such as a woman getting into a car crash with her baby on her lap, and some prisoners getting executed via gunshot wound to the back of the head, play.
  • The bathtub scene in the beginning. It starts off innocent enough, Nyatta leans over the side of the tub to play with his boat and is having a lot of fun. The tone then takes an immediate nose-dive as he slips and ends up half way in the tub and can't push himself out. He flails and splashes around in panic and it's implied that he died for a while if he was able to see his sister's soul being taken away. This only gets worse as later his father sees his body hanging over the edge of the tub and instead of reviving him, starts cleaning his ears because he's so drunk he doesn't even realize that he's dead. The fact that both his parents were home at the time and were none-the-wiser, coupled with the fact that his dad is so intoxicated that he can't even see that his son is dead just piles on the horror that such an event could easily happen in real life.