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Nightmare Fuel / Castlevania (2017)

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    Season 1 


  • The animated series gives us something the games never have before: the full fury of Dracula on the warpath. Blood and stillborn demon fetuses rain from the sky and a cathedral bursts into flames. Then Castlevania rises from the ruins. All the windows open, and a horde of demons spill out, tearing the populace to pieces, sparing nobody. Heads impaled on stakes stuck on the roofs and battlements of besieged towns, with entrails strung between them like festive ribbons, and people waking up to find their family members torn to pieces right next to them. Even babies aren't spared by Dracula's hordes.
  • Lisa's burning at the stake. We even see her charred corpse crumble into ash after it's over. Such a bright, vibrant woman and she's sentenced to a gruesome, painful death. And the worst part is that countless numbers of innocent men and women like her really were killed this way.
  • When Dracula projects his face in the cathedral demanding to know why Lisa was killed, it fluctuates between his normal face and an utterly terrifying Nightmare Face, pictured above, whenever his anger spikes.
  • A bit of a lesser example, but the scene when Dracula decides to take revenge on humanity, but not before giving a warning to the woman who came to mourn Lisa's death to leave and not look back.
    Dracula: I do this last kindness in her name, she who loved you humans and cared for your ills... Take your family and leave Wallachia tonight. Pack and go, and do Not. Look. BACK. For no more do I travel as a man.


  • Trevor cutting off someone's finger and ripping someone else's eye out just by using his whip... yeah, his victims are both corrupt priests, but still...
  • When Trevor sneaks into the town, the aftermath of the last nightly attack by Dracula's hordes is still visible: heads impaled on sticks everywhere, the streets liberally decorated with human entrails, and the survivors dumping a mountain of corpses in a dried riverbed.
  • When the demons are leaving Gresit in the morning, one of them has a baby in its jaws.
    • And immediately after that, there's a brief scene of a woman screaming while standing in front of an empty, bloody cradle.
  • Gresit looks like hell. If the demon carrying a baby in its jaws isn't enough to freak you out, it will surely be the heads on pikes adorned with entrails, the piles of bodies in the dried-up rivers, or the fact that the clergy is just as frightening as the monsters.


  • The Stone-Eye Cyclops. Its modus operandi is to turn its victims to stone and feed off their terror until they are either shattered or die of fright. Even killing it was nightmarish, as Sypha watches the creature's other victims, who weren't so lucky, fall apart as their stone bodies return to flesh with pieces missing.


  • Blue Fangs and his demons killing the Bishop in his church. Not just for the act, but for making him realize the depth of his errors by stating God is ashamed of him. Even for a guy like him, that's just cold.
    Blue Fangs: Let me kiss you...
  • The actual fate of the Bishop is hidden behind a Gory Discretion Shot. The show usually has no problem showing the horrific actions of the night hordes, but what happens to the Bishop is so awful it deserves to be unseen. Later, we see his body, revealing that his face was half-eaten. A kiss indeed.
  • The priest with a missing finger's death scene, in which he is stabbed and impaled from multiple angles by angry townsfolk. It is true that he is an Asshole Victim and absolutely no one sheds a tear but the way he dies is still horrifying. Most of the gory moments in the show are caused by Dracula's monsters, but in this scene, it is caused by mere hate-filled people.

    Season 2 

War Council

  • Lisa's pleading with the Church goers who are taking her away. She's not pleading for her own life. She's pleading with them because she knows if she is killed, that Dracula will unleash his wrath upon the world. She knows what he is fully capable of, and how angering him to such a degree could threaten the entire world. THAT is how great Dracula's rage is, and how much power he has under his control.

Old Homes

  • Alucard talks about Dracula's "vision" for the world:
Alucard: Oh, the world will still be here, Belmont. Trees will still grow, birds will still sing, animals will still hump away in the undergrowth... But you won't be here. And you won't be here. None of you. The sun will still set, but you will not see it rise. There will be only Dracula, and his war council, and the hordes of the night... He writes in great books, you know? He hews the covers himself from oak and wraps them in the preserved skin of the people who he hated most. And he writes plans, I've seen them. Ideas for darkening clouds and making them as permanent in the air as the frost of the north. Great strange flying machines that pull shrouds across the sky to block out the sun. Imagine it; a world without humans under endless invented night. And Dracula in his castle, his revenge so horribly complete that there is nothing left to do but look out over a world without art or memory or laughter and know that he did his work well. That he did it all for love.
  • The scene where Hector uses his powers of devil forging. It turns out that while the demons were summoned from hell, they needed vessels to inhabit and Hector uses his power to alter the dead bodies of the people they killed into the demons that have been attacking the citizens of Wallachia by infusing the remains with magic and demon souls.

Shadow Battles

Broken Mast

  • Godbrand and the other vampire generals descending on a harmless town to feed. It is nothing less then a complete and total slaughter with sheer glee on the Vampire's faces as they proceed to butcher the entire town to the last in various gruesome and sadistic methods.
  • A particularly telling shot reveals why Alucard is sickened by the Belmont Hold, aside from merely "It's like a museum dedicated to the extermination of my kind." The cabinet he walks away from as he says this contains several vampire skulls, and front and center is one that could only belong to a child. The Belmonts showed no mercy or nuance to their hunting.

Last Spell

  • Dracula recounting a time when he was much more of a Blood Knight, setting fire to a town and using the chaos to corner his victims, ripping the hearts out of many of them, having his underlings drag them kicking and screaming for him to disembowel, bite, and stake them...And keep in mind that, while we've seen plenty of absolutely shitty humans thus far, Dracula - who has no reason to downplay his hatred of them - only says they disrespected him. He may have spared the women and children, but that really only means they come back to a horrifying sight...
    • And while this is Dracula reminiscing about how he used to take joy in all the little details of such a slaughter, he's also noting how he used to have restraint and a sense of justice, warped though it may have been. Dracula has become The Unfettered, and if it wasn't for his profound depression, he'd probably have scoured all of Wallachia of human life by now.

For Love

  • Even with Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard all working together to fight Dracula, it's clear from the beginning that even in his blood-starved condition, none of them stand a chance against him. It takes all three of them just to survive one attack, and even though Alucard quickly gets him on the defensive, Dracula turns it right back around and the ensuing beatdown becomes horribly one-sided. If it hadn't been for the fight spilling into Alucard's childhood bedroom, the sight of which causing a massive Villainous BSoD and making him realize he's trying to kill his own son, Dracula would have WON. It's enough to make one wonder how the hell Trevor's ancestors survived fighting him in his prime.
    • They didn't. If this follows the games, none of Trevor's ancestors besides Leon were nearly powerful enough to take on Dracula. Any of them that tried died horribly.
    • Alucard stakes Dracula... which doesn't kill him, or at least not at once. Even as he withers, his eyes rot and the flesh sloughs off his bones, Dracula still reaches for his son. Then Trevor arrives and cuts off his head, and even that might not have done the job. Sypha burning him to ashes might either just have been disposing of his remains, or what was needed to actually finish him for good.
      • When Sypha ignites Dracula's remains, what appears to be the amalgamation of thousands of screaming souls pours out of his body in a pitch-black cloud.

End Times

    Season 3 


  • Sypha's glee at hunting and killing monsters is a bit unsettling to see, even border Blood Knight levels of glee.
    • Trevor's fight with the werewolf, from caving its kneecap in to breaking it's Adam's Apple.

I Have a Scheme

  • Prior Sala and his followers have taken to a certain kind of symbol; they've carved it in their church and wear sashes emblazoned with it. Saint Germain realizes quickly that it is in fact the alchemical symbol for sulphur, which as he points out, philosophers use to denote hell. When he hears this and realizes they are literally wearing hell on their sleeves, Sala is delighted.
  • Isaac's devil forging can be extremely unsettling: one stab from his knife and the victim not only dies, but their body instantly transforms into a demon. When he takes on the Genoan soldiers, he stabs several of them in rapid succession creating new night creatures for his army. Imagine how terrifying it must be fighting with someone who can transform one of your comrades into monsters in a blink of an eye, and turn the fight against you.
  • The flashback to where we see Cho fight a samurai, if you can call it a fight, which demonstrates how utterly outclassed normal humans are compared to vampires in a one-on-one duel. The samurai can't even touch her as Cho weaves around, almost mocking him, a look of serene calm on her face as she coolly, methodically takes him apart. At the end of the scene, right before the samurai can commit seppuku, Cho seizes his knife and casually throws it away, before delivering the Coup de Grâce and burying her fangs in his throat, with a look of humiliated agony on the man's face.

Worse Things Than Betrayal

  • Saint-Germain discovers the dark secret inside the priory being kept at all costs by Sala's cultists: One of Dracula's night creatures crucified... and still alive.

The Harvest

  • Despite the heroes' efforts to save the village of Lindenfeld, they are too late to stop the ritual to open a portal to Hell, leading to ALL of the innocent villagers being killed and having their souls absorbed by Dracula's demon.
    • It cannot be understated how horrifying this sequence is. We're shown the innocent folk just minding their own business, one family sitting down to dinner and happy. Suddenly, The rune carved onto their house outside glows red and the entire house immediately bursts into fire, burning everyone alive inside to a horrible, screaming death. No warning. No build up. Just instant suffering.
  • Isaac's entire battle against the Magicians' slaves.
    • It's shown that each and single one of them is reduced to a living puppet, forced to toil away forever for their master with one of them having their limbs fall off from too much work.
    • They are still very formidable enemies with some brainwashed knights managing to kill a large demon with teamwork.
    • The biggest moment is when suddenly all the slaves begin levitating in the air and combining into one large sphere of human bodies, becoming the boss Legion from the games.
  • The episode's final shot shows a glimpse of Hell in all it's twisted forms: desolated wastelands, woods with tortured-looking trees, landscapes containing post-apocalyptic visions and finally, a small ruin with Dracula and Lisa embracing each other for all eternity.
    • The Hell we are shown seems to follow Dante's Inferno rules, as the "trees" mentioned above seem to be made of people probably the Wood of the Suicides, where as the name obviously indicates, the trees were the souls of those who took their own lives.
  • You'd think the love scenes between Lenore and Hector, as well as between Alucard, Sumi, and Taka, would be tender and romantic. However, they're scored to the same tense soundtrack as the battle scenes. It's a warning sign something is about to go wrong, and boy is it ever...'

Abandon All Hope

  • Just before Saint-Germain was able to change the Infinite Corridor's connection, we see Dracula noticing the corridor and reaching out. He was moments away from reviving and it's unknown if Lisa could have come with him.
  • The final shot of the season has Alucard impaling the duo's corpses on the entrance of this castle, vertically (that means anus to mouth). Thankfully they are already dead, but crossed with Tear Jerker, he becomes even more of an hermit disillusioned with outside companionship and emulating his own father who used to impale corpses outside his home.
    Alucard: (bitterly) But this seemed to work well enough, for dead old dad.
  • Hector's fate, once again. Every bit of Sex Slave subtext that went into the way Carmilla treated him leads to Hector being effortlessly manipulated, with a ring placed upon him that enchants him to be unable to even attempt rebelling lest he feel incredible pain. Worse yet, Lenore, the one woman he thought he could trust, outright states her intent to sexually abuse him for quite some time. While he didn't get a happy ending in Season 2, this is a whole new level of disturbing.
  • After having some suspicions, Trevor and Sypha discover that the Judge, a man they had trusted and come to care for, was in fact a ruthless Serial Killer of many, including children. Notably, this, combined with the slaughter of Lindenfeld, breaks Sypha.
  • This is hammered in even further by Trevor when he tells Sypha that for the past few months they've been living her life, and now that everything's gone downhill? They're living his.

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