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Nightmare Fuel / Casino Royale (2006)

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  • Bond's very first kill is quite disturbing, as he tries to drown Fisher in a sink. This new Bond is more brutal than any other before him, and it is shown from the get-go.
  • Bond follows the trail of Alex Dimitrios at the notoriously creepy Body Worlds exhibition.
  • Solange's corpse is discovered wrapped in her hammock. She has most likely been drowned on the beach beforehand. Villiers suddenly feels sick at this horrifying sight.
  • Steven Obanno comes very close to chopping off Valenka's arm with a machete.
  • The brutal fight between Bond and Obanno. It ends with Bond suffocating Obanno and Vesper watching. Some viewers might be just as disturbed as she is. And she is Afraid of Blood, on top of that.
  • Bond is poisoned with digitoxin in his cocktail and tries everything he can not to die from it. It is made even more nightmarish by the blurred image, sound, soundtrack and close-ups as he tries to spew it in the toilet room. Then he reaches his car and tries to defibrillate himself, before losing consciousness as one of the defibrillator's cables was not plugged. Bond has never come this close to death before. Thankfully, there was Vesper's timely arrival.
  • Le Chiffre's predicament. He loses a lot of money that belonged to some very powerful and ruthless people thanks to Bond's interference and knows full well that if he doesn't come up with the money, he's a dead man. Obanno expresses his extreme displeasure at Le Chiffre by ambushing him in his hotel suite and and states that he would have cut off a hand from Le Chiffre if it wasn't for the fact that he needed to win the poker game. While Obanno gets taken out of the picture by Bond, there are still plenty of others who will come after Le Chiffre, so he has to keep playing. When Bond wins the whole pot, leaving him with nothing, you can see the crushing horror on Le Chiffre's face as he realizes that he essentially just put his head on the chopping block.
  • Bond is left at the mercy of Le Chiffre after his car's crash, and crudely tortured with a holed chair and a knotted rope. Oh boy.
    • A woman's scream is heard in another room, implying Le Chiffre's men are torturing Vesper. Le Chiffre even invokes it when afterwards shots are heard. Then Mr. White comes and kills Le Chiffre, and it's implied that the screams were actually those of Valenka, Le Chiffre's girlfriend, being shot dead by Mr. White.
  • Vesper's face as she dies by drowning. If the opening credits of Spectre are anything to go by, it would haunt Bond for the rest of his life.