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Nightmare Fuel / Carnage

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Being the offspring of Venom naturally means Carnage brings some Nightmare Fuel to the table. However while Venom only started off as a villain and is now an anti-hero who tries to protect the innocent (while also gunning after Spider-Man), Carnage is a full fledged supervillain of the absolute worst kind, making him a borderline Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant.

  • Let's start with the simple fact of this is a serial killer with an alien suit that can turn into anything its user wants!
  • For as long as he's been around, Venom has always referred to himself as "us", to represent himself and the Symbiote as a team. But from his very first appearance, Carnage uses "me" as a pronoun. Cletus Kasady is so completely insane, he can no longer tell where he ends and the Symbiote begins. And given that he was a serial killer before the Symbiote got to him, it's likely he doesn't notice a difference.
    • Perhaps worse - Cletus can tell where he and the symbiote are, but the fact of the matter is, his symbiote had been fused in his bloodstream. Which means that Cletus and Carnage are so utterly fused to one another, that they are, basically, one whole entity.
  • The mere fact one of his first kills after getting the symbiote was looking in the phone book and finding a guy whose name sounded funny - and killing him just because of that. The sheer callousness of the murder perfectly describes his horrific nature. And that's even before he goes after a man named Chip. Not because his name sounded funny or anything... he was just around, and Carnage wanted some fun.
    Chip: B-but why? For the love of God, WHY?!?
    Carnage: Why? 'Cause law's an illusion, Chip-O! An' order's nothin' but a TV fantasy! Why am I killin' you, Cap'n Chips? That's easy. I'm killin' you... *THUK* ...'cause I CAN!

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