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Nightmare Fuel / Cardians Rural

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Cardians: Rural is first and foremost a horror campaign. Although a lot of what goes on is more drama-based, there's still plenty of scary and horrifying stuff happening.

Unmarked spoilers ahead. You have been warned.

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    In General 

  • Think about this: you could be living your life without incident, and then all of a sudden, something inexplicable happens, and you find yourself thrust into a life-threatening situation involving that inexplicable thing in some way, which is revealed to be something supernatural. This not only happened to the Player Characters, but several other characters in the campaign, and it's all but stated that this is an all-too-common occurrence around the world. The only reasons that the supernatural isn't more widely known about? Either groups dedicated to containing it intervene first, or the incident is too isolated from society, or the person affected doesn't live or return to society to tell the tale. This sort of thing can happen to anyone at any time without warning.
    • Imagine you then find yourself rescued by and then working for a group of criminals that not only frequently risk life and limb battling monsters, but also engaging in illegal or heinous activities for the purposes of upholding that same vigil and organisation, while also not able to leave once you officially join until retirement or death, and unable to tell 'anyone' outside of your new circle about any of this. No wonder they have a high likelihood of at best developing some degree of either mental disorder or coldness towards people, and at worst becoming a murderous psychopath known as a "Slasher".

    Town-Based Horrors 

  • The whisps. They exist in any patch of shadow or darkness either outside or connected to the outside night time without a light to interrupt it, and are extremely hostile. Once you enter that darkness, you become a target, and susceptible to grievous injury... except that the wound left by them is exclusively internal, meaning it's difficult to treat and heal without specialised care. Sustained exposure to them can cause permanent maiming or organ damage, as seen with Jason Colt (who was left both completely blind 'and' paraplegic), and can even kill the hapless individual.
  • The mimics.
  • The gargoyles.
  • The Hedge beasts.
  • Bloodsoil.

    Hedge-Based Horrors 


The Mandrakes

The Goblin Markets


    Other Horrors 


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