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Nightmare Fuel / Bump in the Night

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  • "Farewell, 2 Arms," in which Molly, tired of being weak and breakable, slowly has her body parts replaced with stronger toy parts. From a toy's perspective, that's creepy enough, but then she decides that she wants a new head. Mr. Bumpy's head.
    • She announces this by pulling her head off and throwing it at him.
    • The Sanity Slippage Molly goes through in the episode is also pretty unnerving.
  • Mr. Bumpy's descent into madness when Squishington makes him cut back on the socks in "Sock it to Me". The fact that the scene where Bumpy demands Squishington give him the key to the safe containing the socks is based on the "Give me the bat" scene from The Shining does not help.
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  • Squishington's dried up appearance when he dehydrates in "Water Way to Go". It is not a pretty sight.
  • In “Hocus Dopus”, Mr. Bumpy becomes so discouraged about not being able to pull a rabbit out of a hat to cheer up a sick Squishington, that he actually comes this close to feeding himself to the Closet Monster! Thankfully, Squishington was able to stop him before he did anything drastic.

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