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Nightmare Fuel / Brave New World

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  • For John, the hundreds of human clones who he describes as "long rows of identical midgets" and "human maggots squirming over beds of death."
  • For many readers, the idea of being born and pre-programmed on an assembly line, possibly waiting to be made mentally handicapped, and being forced into a caste position for the rest of your life. And nobody is going to mourn you after you die.
    • And you won't even mind because you've been conditioned to accept your lot in life.
  • The Behavioral Conditioning includes the use of Electric Torture on babies. Chapter 2 has a scene where Delta babies are exposed to books and flowers, then shocked so that they'll associate reading and nature with fear and pain, ensuring that they won't be able to educate themselves or derive enjoyment from something like hiking (since nature is free to enjoy, and the government would much rather you entertain yourself by buying something). If there was any doubt about whether or not the Brave New World really counts as a dystopia, this should be what convinces you.
  • Linda's death: as soon as she got back to society she kept taking more and more soma to escape the humiliation of being a mother and make up for the years of misery in the Savage Reservation until it eventually stopped her breathing.
  • Despite how the society of the book isn't the same kind of hellish dystopia as Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four, it's been observed that in its own way, it's just as horrifying: in Oceania nobody is allowed to know the truth, but in the Brave New World, nobody cares about it any more!