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Nightmare Fuel / Bram Stoker's Dracula

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  • That horrible noise near the end of the trailer. Listening to it for a full minute is enough to drive you insane with fear...
  • The Villain Opening Scene. As soon as the priest condemns Elisabeta's suicide, Dracula does a complete 180° from "grieving husband" to practically "rampaging Humanoid Abomination" - complete with Scare Chorded background music, and blood oozing from the whole room. The howl of rage immediately beforehand is bone chilling. All while the priests are cowering helplessly in the background. Try not to think about what Dracula most likely did to those poor men right after that.
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  • Before that, there's the battle with the Turks, with Dracula impaling a man, live and screaming, followed up by a forest of Turkish corpses on stakes. It's quite easy to see how he got his moniker. The whole thing is framed so only the silhouettes are visible, which honestly just makes it that much more unsettling.
  • Dracula luring Lucy to the gardens in the midst of the windstorm as Mina chases after her, the scene is incredibly creepy as she seems to glide while in her trance towards him, as his hideous wolf form begins to feast on her as Mina watches helplessly, before he flees at her sight. But what makes it horrifying is Lucy's description afterwards of what it was like under his control.
    Lucy: (sobbing) I couldn't control myself...
    Mina: Hush Lucy, you were only dreaming, you're walking in your sleep again.
    Lucy: My soul, I felt it leave my body, it was this agonizing feeling... I couldn't get back here, my whole body was shaking as if he were luring me, and I had no control. Those red eyes... I still have the taste of his blood on my mouth...
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  • The scene where Dracula finally turns Lucy into a vampire ends with an echoing scream from her as the whole room is drenched in blood.
  • Vamp Lucy in general is pretty terrifying. From her gruesome appearance, to the crying infant she plans to feed on in her arms, to the candles all lighting the moment she enters her crypt, to her seduction of her husband, to her vomiting blood all over Van Helsing, to the score turning into a Wailing Discordance Chorus, to her décapitation, the entire scene is a master class on how to do classic horror properly.
  • As Quincy advances on Dracula's bat form, he transforms into an army of rats.
  • Renfield's death. Dracula throws him against the bars of the cell repeatedly, culminating with a crunch that most likely broke his neck.
  • As Harker is forced to watch Dracula feed his brides a human baby, Harker screams in terror and Dracula just smiles and lets out a bloodcurdling evil cackle.

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