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Nightmare Fuel / Bomberman

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God of Chaos, Sthertoth.

  • The general appearance of Sthertoth, from Second Attack, pictured on the side of this page. He's a sort of horned, huge demon with a skull face and veiny-body. Vile Villain, Saccharine Show indeed. Never mind the fact that, in the bad ending, Sthertoth wins, meaning only Bomberman and Pommy are left alive, of the main characters.
    • There's also his theme, an ominous, imposing piece, telling you that you're close to doomed, and giving off an atmosphere of dread.
  • Buggler's plan in Super Bomberman R: he plans to convert the sun into a black hole and use it to destroy the solar system, and eventually the entire universe.
    • Buggler overall is quite creepy, what with being the closest thing the series has to a Big Bad, the Evil Laugh, and repeated attempts to end the world, be it through a Colony Drop or brainwashing.
  • The opening of 64. The first thing you see in what would usually be a typical, happy Bomberman game is a planet being raided and destroyed by the villain, on-screen no less.
  • Altair's death in 64. He's disintergrated on-screen by Sirius, in what's a Family-Unfriendly Death, before Sirius proceeds to betray you.
  • The fact that, in Second Attack, you meet and fight GOD, who wants to recreate reality! Even once you defeat them, they say they'll come back one day!
    • It's also mentioned that Bomberman's universe is just one of many, many universes, and it had been recreated several times over. Think about that Fridge Horror.
  • The power of the Omni Cube in 64. It has the power to trap entire GALAXIES in it, and the owner can rule over it as a god. And considering who has possession of it... It's not hard to think that Altair and Sirius rule over the galaxies in there with an iron fist.
  • The reason Max is a cyborg is revealed in Bomberman Tournament: he got in a fight with Brain Bomber, who injured him to such an extent that he required cybernetic implants to live. Yeesh.
    • Also in Tournament, before the events of the game, Brain Bomber had taken over a planet and imprisoned its inhabitants, for over a year, with no freedom. He had made a plan that would only fail if Bomberman came along by chance, and he was correct! Talk about The Bad Guy Wins.
  • Bomberman Generation definitely has its fair share of freaky things.
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  • The ending of Super Bomberman 3 is a case of Mood Whiplash right into Nightmare Fuel. After going through an upbeat, cheery Credits Medley of all of 1-Player Mode's catchy themes, it ends by showing that Bagura's brain has survived his final battle against Bomberman, and is now traveling through space. After the brain leaves the screen, what replaces it? A gigantic red "END" that nearly covers the entire screen, with a silhouette of Bagura in the letters, and being accompanied by some eerie alien-like beeping and gurgling before it all suddenly ends with a electronic crunch noise, as if the brain itself was trying to speak about its revenge in a short transmission. What a spooky way to end the game and leave a Sequel Hook into Super Bomberman 4.


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