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Nightmare Fuel / Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

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  • Giga, full stop. Especially when we find out just exactly where he gets his art pieces... He uses a clay voodoo doll of his opponent to mold their bodies- while they're clearly in pain- into abstract positions and shapes, then turns them to stone.
    • His Nightmare Face when he's on a high of overconfidence in his Super Form
  • Gunkan's life draining nosehair and the look he does beforehand isn't exactly welcoming
  • Byakko's surgery dolls and his overall Ax-Crazy-ness
  • Bobobo's Freak Out! at seeing Gasser's Baby state, the camera is shaking and closing in & out does not help.
  • From the same episode, Don Patch being extremely calm despite often going on an instant rage almost always, hints that he might be angrier than usual
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  • "CHURROS"!!!

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