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Nightmare Fuel / Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan

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  • When you really think about it, the entire series is one huge Nightmare for Sakura as you watch the poor lad be humiliated, skewered, ripped to shreds, splattered, and turned into nothing but a pile of blood and guts. Its supposed to be played for laughs and while there are definitely moments that make you burst out laughing, that effect wears off pretty quickly when you continuously watch the man be killed off every five seconds by a woman who is supposedly in love with him.
    • Its taken even worse in the Light Novels. In the anime, its blatantly obvious that Sakura dies before he can even feel the pain of Dokuro's attacks (most of the time) but in the Light Novels, Sakura mentions that his body is still conscious. That means that each and every single time he is bludgeoned, he can feel every second of it. Now Dokuro doesn't seem so harmless, does she?
      • Even more horrifying is that Dokuro, being an angel, was supposedly sent by God Himself to punish Sakura. The situation he's in is literally hell-on-earth.
        • How about the treatment he gets from his classmates? What one point they leave him to suffer after he gets tricked into eating poisoned mushrooms. Kids Are Cruel? More like kids are psychos.
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  • The "Pedophile's world" that Sakura will create. And he never finds out why he creates such a world.

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