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Nightmare Fuel / Black Sunday

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The 1960 film:
  • Asa's eyes bubbling back up into her empty eye sockets as she resurrects. Quite unsettling.

The book and 1977 film adaptation:

  • The image of the Goodyear Blimp's nose rising over the Super Bowl stands, with the audience aware that there's a bomb on that thing...
    • And the fact that it collides with some of the stadium lights and knocks them onto part of said crowd.
  • In the book, Harris used a fictional name company for the blimp, but for the movie Goodyear agreed for the filmmakers to use their name on the blimp.
  • Another instance: the kitten incident.
  • The look on the farmer's face as he's shot full of holes by Lander's test bomb.
    • The ungodly sound the weapon makes as it's being fired is inexplicably bizarre and jarring.

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