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Nightmare Fuel / Big Mouth

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♫You thought no-one was watching, but I'm right here in your brain.♫

  • Mr. Lizer faux-flirting with Jessi when she comes to school in a red bra. This short, sweet and to-the-point exchange is the first sign that his intentions may not be as noble as he presents them.
    • In season 3, these suspicions are all but confirmed when he tricks Lola into giving him a foot massage, then gaslights her when she gets suspicious.
  • The Shame Wizard may have some humorous moments, but when he's putting his sinister plans in motion he's a legitimate Knight of Cerebus. Not only do his appearance and actions have a naturally villainous tone, but the way he creeps around kids and gives them no privacy has a definite pedophile vibe. He's also got a wicked Game Face.
    • He terrorises Andrew when he's caught masturbating over Leah's swimsuit, then subjects him to a kangaroo court where Maurice has little power. The episode ends with him winning as both Andrew and Maurice masturbate in a fit of self-loathing.
    • When he brings the shame during his musical number, he multiplies, flys around the school spreading a dark fog that kills joy and all of his duplicates converge and form a gigantic version of himself.
    • And just like the Hormone Monsters, he's completely immortal and any attempt to stop him can only be temporary.
  • It's a little disturbing to see easy-going Nick try to kill poor, well-intentioned guileless Rick at the urging of his remaining pube. As noted in Narm Charm, it's oddly sinister to hear good ol' Jack McBrayer goad Nick into attempted murder. Thank God he didn't go through with it.
  • One segment from "Planned Parenthood" called "Blue Waffle" plays like David Cronenberg lit a film with a black light. The whole bit is in black and white, save for the blood and gore, which is an unnatural shade of blue.
    • It's rectified in the end when the nurse at Planned Parenthood reassures Andrew that Blue Waffle isn't a real STD, so he has nothing to worry about. Then she turns into Slenderman.
    • An especially creepy part is when Andrew runs to Nick's house, where both Nick and Jessi act disturbingly calm and normal about everything, and Duke is there as well, with a single drop of blue dripping from his nose. There's also the terror in his voice as Duke tells Andrew to run.
    Duke: Get out!
    • Marty becoming infected by Blue Waffle like a zombie virus, and blows Missy apart with a shotgun, before going after Andrew himself.
  • The Depression Kitty is very unsettling, due to Jean Smart's disarming, Southern-tinted voice carrying just the right hint of sinister undertones. Kitty acts benevolent at first but slowly smothers Jessi until she can't move. When she brings Jessi into a padded room, the door disappears.
    • Even though Jessi gets rid of her, the Depression Kitty reappears several times in Season 3 and Season 4, showing a saddening, yet realistic effect of depression that for many people, depression is a lifelong battle, regardless of the amount of therapy or counseling. In fact, the pressure Kitty puts on Jessi, a seventh grader causes her to not want to leave her bed in the morning for school or talk to anybody.
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  • Andrew's descent into toxic masculinity at the end of "My Fuzzy Valentine." Anvilicious as it may be, it ultimately shows just how dangerous someone can be when they don't recognize their own possessive tendencies, and how quickly it can turn an otherwise reasonable person into a monster.
  • Nick's mother gets uncharacteristically vicious when Nick spends too much time on his phone. When she's finally had enough, she takes his phone and impales it with a fire iron.
  • When Jay and Lola decide to make their own pool behind Jay's house, they find a pair of skeletons hugging each other buried there.
  • The Nightmare Sequence Tito causes Nick in "Poop Madness" with Tito whispering how Nick will be bullied and forgotten by all of his friends due to being given the embarassing nickname of Soup, dropping a locker with the word Soup written in what appears to be blood in front of him while showing Andrew, Missy, Jay and Jessi pointing and laughing at Nick with glowing yellow eyes. Then Tito tells Nick he'll die a sad old virgin which causes Nick to rapidly age with the skin melting off of his body until he turns into a skeleton. For the cherry on top, a horde of Anxiety Mosquitos swarm Nick and form into Andrew's face who tells Nick how horrible of a person he is. Meanwhile, Nick is hyperventilating and genuinely looks like he's about to cry. It's a very accurate portrayal of how a panic attack can burrow into your brain and make you feel like the world is closing in on you.
    Andrew: This is fucked up! This is beyond the pale!
  • The entirety of "Nick Starr", being a look 32 years (at the time of the episode's premiere on December 4, 2020) into the future which portrays a Crapsack World with the ozone layer completely gone and the world on the brink of extinction from global warming. There is a class disparity with Nick's future self Nick Starr; a Jerkass game show host who has citizens compete in sadistic games in order to receive basic human needs like food and water, living in an idyllic penthouse in the clouds, having nobody but a robot butler version of Andrew for company, while the world under the cloud line has fallen into complete Mad Max-like chaos with Lola and Jay leading a sex cult in Nick's childhood house and turning his parents into sex slaves, Missy being the ambassador of Earth and tragically dying in a flying car accident, and Jessi turning into a punk rebel who fights against the corporations ruling over the lower class, even showing her donning a suicide vest. Fortunately, by the end it is all revealed to be a nightmare Nick was having... although the persona of Nick Starr ends up being very real.
  • Milla and Lotte take a selfie at the 9/11 Museum, which reveals them to have sharp teeth, claws and snakelike eyes. They then talk directly to the audience, taunting them about how they can't save their favourite characters from being eaten by them.
  • "Horrority House": After getting drugged, the characters all have gruesome horror-movie-like nightmares based on their anxieties, creating some of the most chilling scenes in the show.
    • Jessi finds herself trapped in a mental institution stuck in a straitjacket, with her therapist calmly reassuring her that she belongs there now. Not only is it Realism-Induced Horror for those struggling with mental health issues, but her therapist's head bends and rotates in creepy positions and her eyes roll back into her head by the end. It's quite eerie.
    • Missy's identity crisis is represented by her seeing visions of herself in several mirrors. Mirror Missy from Season 2 shows up to warn Missy, but her throat gets bloodily slit with a pair of scissors. Another Missy rises up behind her, revealing it to be Missy's abandoned overalls. Overalls-Missy's face has a lifeless expression, complete with dead eyes and a creepy Slasher Smile, while her overalls threaten her that "there can only be one" with the same sickeningly childlike voice they had earlier in the season. This later leads to a bloody battle between the Missies, who keep repeating, "There can only be one!"
    • Matthew's nightmare consists of a Sadistic Choice where his mother and Aiden are both tied up over a rotating saw, and Matthew has to choose which one to sacrifice, symbolizing his internal conflict between his family obligations and his sexual orientation. When he dithers for too long, more of their bodies get bloodily chopped off. It does become less scary at the end of the scene, when Matthew notices how dumb it is that they continue to argue even when they're just severed heads and realizes nobody's going to die no matter which life he chooses, but the relatable tension coupled with the blood is still disturbing.
    • Andrew imagines his father has a heart attack and gets into a car accident that kills him, and then Andrew contracts a flesh-eating virus that suddenly causes all his skin to wither away, leaving him as a skull and bones. Then Andrew is on a plane with a hole in the window and he plugs up the hole with his butt, and the immense pressure causes his entrails to be pulled out of his sphincter alongside his reproductive organs. It's alarmingly realistic for a cartoon.
    • A clown hunting Nick down isn't as chilling as the other examples, as it's more or less a straight horror parody. Once said clown is revealed to be Nick Starr, however, it gets chilling. Specifically near the end, when Starr stabs Nick in the chest with no shame, the screen shifts to a haunting red tint, and Starr coldly tells Nick to never get close to anybody.
    • The end of the episode, where a whole swarm of anxiety mosquitos burst out of the murder house, laughing maniacally. It's a sudden Jump Scare, and the implications that the entire town is going to have nightmares like this makes the viewer fear for the next episode...
  • The three-headed monstrous version of Tito in Nick Starr's mental realm, which introduces herself with an ear-piercing shriek and speaks in unison in an unsettling mechanical way. But it's a bit Nightmare Retardant when its first dialogue is threatening Nick with the unavoidable fate of putting yellow mustard on everything.


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