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Nightmare Fuel / Big Hero 6

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(eerie silence)

  • The fire which claims Tadashi's life. Burning to death is not a pleasant way to die. One can only hope that the explosion killed him quickly.
  • The Big Bad Yokai. He's got an intimidating design, introduces himself by means of an Unflinching Walk towards Hiro, wears a nightmarish mask, never says a word, NOT the comedic type, and commands a swarm of black flying microbots, which occasionally hiss, not too dissimilar to a snake.
    • One shot of him is particularly scary. Just a dimly lit, shady masked figure ambling towards you with an army of malicious nanobots.
  • The reveal of Yokai as Callaghan, which is both Nightmare Fuel and Fridge Nightmare Fuel. What makes the reveal particularly disturbing is that Callaghan apparently had zero problems with killing his former students and knew that Hiro, is only a 14-year-old boy.
    • The whole scene in general is pretty terrifying as well as heartwrenching as we see Hiro being so consumed with grief over the loss of his brother that he is willing to kill another human being going so far as to remove the health care companion chip from Baymax who adjusts to his new murderous personality by having his eyes turn a terrifying red. The team tried to stop the brainwashed robot just before Honey Lemon inserted the chip back in. The way Hiro commands Baymax to kill Callaghan after Baymax readjusts to his new violent personality is nothing short of bone-chilling.
    Hiro: Baymax... destroy.
    Baymax: My programming prevents me from injuring a human being.
    Hiro: Not anymore.
    (Hiro takes out his healthcare chip and throws it away.)
    Baymax: Hiro, this is not what...
    (Hiro slams the slot back into Baymax, whose eyes turn red upon readjusting.)
    • Immediately after this, the team looks quite shaken at what Hiro tried to do. Fred still looks a bit afraid of Baymax when he helps him up. Honey Lemon still looks incredibly nervous.
  • The entire final battle, as Callaghan pretty much is attempting to murder all of his students without remorse.
    • Callaghan making his appearance from atop a building at Krei's press conference, surrounded by microbots slithering down beside him is pretty unnerving. Imagine looking up and seeing this, heading directly towards you. Krei's look of absolute terror is very understandable.
    • "I. Want. My daughter! Back!"
  • The world within the portal, though beautiful, becomes frightening when you realize that without a portal to return to our world, it's an endless expanse of nothing in which you'd drift forever.
  • The scene where Hiro discovers the factory where his microbots are being replicated is scary from start to finish. Even before Yokai is revealed, the scene is just so eerie due to the darkness and silence. Then you see the black objects come to life...


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