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Nightmare Fuel / Batman Vampire

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  • The vampires being in Gotham is terrifying enough, but the threat proves so great that Batman, normally a Badass Normal capable of taking on even a Physical God like Superman, is forced to sacrifice his very humanity and become a half-vampire himself in order to stand any chance of defeating Dracula. When Dracula is able to drink the rest of his blood, Batman becomes a true vampire but is able to kill Dracula by impaling him on a tree before he 'dies' of bloodloss.
  • Joker's death; when he kills Catwoman, Batman finally snaps. He chases down Joker and Joker frantically runs into a room full of crucifixes, believing Batman is unable to enter the room. Batman not only proves him wrong, but he also tears into him with animalistic rage. He breaks Joker's neck then drinks his blood and drives a stake into his heart to prevent him from coming back.
    • Crimson Mist reveals that vampires must be decapitated after being staked. Suggesting that if Joker didn't die before Batman drank his blood, then vampire Joker could be a whole new level of evil. Fortunately, this idea has never come to light.
  • The villains have become a lot darker since Batman came back in Crimson Mist.
    • Poison Ivy's death may be tame when compared to the other examples, but, it's just as scary. The flowers die around him as he approaches her and she's begging him to stay away. In a way, it sounds a bit like a rape scene. With Batman saying how Ivy's always wanted him but he can only have her in this form, where he is subject to dark and decayed corruption, at the same time Ivy is terrified and saying how she never wanted him "like this".
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    • Scarecrow decorates his costume with the fingers of his victims. Batman even regards Scarecrow as worse than him, as he chooses to kill innocents, whereas Batman has to kill but has enough self-control to target criminals and prevent the spread of his curse.
    • Penguin kills a police officer by impaling him through the head with his umbrella.
    • Riddler has been selling drugs by storing them in corpses, one of which is a university student.
    • Killer Croc, in particular, is especially horrible since he's a blatant man-eating sewer predator in this incarnation. His opening scene is him pulling a woman into the sewer and devouring her flesh, then describing what she just ate in detail as he eats her stomach. Worse still, he's seen as a lesser of two evils compared to the vampiric Batman.
    • Batman killing Black Mask and his goons. Two particular scenes stand out, he decapitates a goon and carries the head (and spine) in his maw. The second being that Batman impaled the heads on the Blackgate prison fence, to warn the inmates of his wrath.
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    • Killer Croc dies when Batman impales him with a stone pillar and Two-Face is killed when Batman stabs him in the head with two crossbow bolts, quipping "one for each face".
    • On the same note, the way Batman had killed each criminal is brutal, as he decapitates Scarecrow after crushing his hand and kills the other criminals by tearing their throats out with his teeth. Not only that, he decapitates each victim to prevent them from coming back as vampires.
    • Batman assaulting Arkham Asylum and murdering each helpless inmate within their cell. He even sends a note to the head doctor, written in blood and within the mouth of a severed head. Even though the rogues gallery had it coming, this is the moment where Commissioner Gordon believes that the hero of Gotham has truly become an irredeemable monster.
  • Batman being a vampire makes him a tragic version of a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant. The reason why Batman has been driven to madness is that Alfred and Commissioner Gordon neglected to cut off his head after they staked his heart, leaving him trapped in a tomb with an insatiable hunger and awareness of his decaying mind and body. When Alfred releases him, Batman is emaciated and driven mad by his lust for blood. He has enough self-awareness to steer himself away from harming innocents but is afraid of losing the rest of his sanity and becoming worse than Dracula.

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