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Nightmare Fuel / Batman Forever

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Who's NOT afraid of the big bad bat!?

Good evening, Mr. Wayne. Relax. Tell me... your dreams. Tell me... your fantasies. Tell me... your secrets. Tell me... your deepest... darkest... fears...
—Riddler's new improved Box

"Oh, come on! This is Batman Forever! One of the Joel Schumacher films! You know, the same guy who introduced neon lights and campiness to the 90's Batman movies!! Surely there can't be anything all THAT scary about this film, right?"


  • In general, Two-Face is this. Despite his goofier moments, he's a twisted maniac (both physically and mentally) with a horrifying vendetta against Batman and is more than decided to kill everyone, including children, just to get back at him!
    • The situation of the guard in the beginning can be quite so, when you think about it. Imagine being hostage to a mentally deranged, horribly scarred criminal with a fixation on luck, and also thrown inside a money vault, that's being lifted into the sky, AND GETTING FILLED WITH ACID! Sure, to Batman that's commonplace, but try being on that situation after having a relatively normal night as a mere guard...
    • The death of the Flying Graysons and everything related to it. The music, the screaming, the imagery, the slow-motion's just as tense and scary as it is tragic. Also, once again, imagine being in a circus, probably with your kids, and then seeing how the fun and innocent show gets taken over by a criminal gang who's now planning to blow the whole place up just to lure Batman out!!
  • Stickley's murder has shades of this. Nygma managed to make it look like a suicide and started leaving clues before he even decided to create his villain identity.
    • The fake suicide tape counts as well. Between the laughter as the guy jumps and the weird shape he has; it all looks so...strange.
    • Could be a moment of Fridge Brilliance as to why Bruce insists that Stickley's family gets the full death benefit package, even though suicide is not covered; Bruce sees the tape, and still isn't convinced that it was a suicide.
    • The Riddler himself can be considered this. Sure, being played by Jim Carrey he might be more fun than scary, but there are also times when he's in full Chip Douglas mode and then some. His Dissonant Serenity while murdering Stickley, his twitching, his fanaticism over Bruce Wayne turning into psychopathic hatred, his sadistic glee when watching Two-Face causing chaos and horror in the circus...he might not be Heath Ledger, but he could as well qualify for a nice Joker. Also, by the end of the film, he has managed to read the minds of practically everyone in Gotham and even managed to find out who Batman is! This leads him to prepare a quite effective assault on Wayne Manor that ended with the Batcave destroyed and Bruce almost dead. Had it not been for his penchant for riddles stopping Two-Face, this could have very well been the end for Batman! Not bad at all for a campy and nerdy guy, ain't it?
      • As this article points out, the Riddler's cane can be a pretty dangerous and destructive weapon. The fact that it managed to help The Riddler enter THE BATCAVE is no small feat.
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    • The scene where he's absorbing the thoughts of Gotham's residents with his TV machine. The ghastly music leading up to an image of the Riddler sitting on a big chair, trembling and twitching with a disturbed expression on his face...can be kind of creepy.
    • That scene where Chase visits him in Arkham. His already-unstable mind has completely snapped, and the scene ends with that same creepy music playing over him cackling while he wallows in his own psychosis.
  • Any of Batman's nightmare/rememberance scenes. The dark atmosphere and visuals sure help, but then there's that FREAKING BAT flying at the viewer too! Imagine being a kid running away from home, falling onto a big cave, and then facing the thing in the page image...that can REALLY give you chiroptophobia for the rest of your life...or make you as obsessed with bats as Batman himself.
    • And it gets even worse. Do you see that bat? That's actually MAN-BAT!! That's right, Man-Bat was originally intended to be in the film! In a Deleted Scene we see him appear in front of adult Bruce Wayne as he found his father's journal. Not only was the pacing tense and suspenseful, his appearance, from the glowing red eyes to the horrid face and slow movement are more than enough to make anyone shit their pants, Batman included. And that's only half a joke.
  • The street gang that Dick chases down when he steals the Batmobile, with their eerie, garishly-painted faces. However, the prize goes to their skull-faced, deep-voiced leader.
  • The climatic showdown with Two-Face sees him on a ledge with Batman, Robin, and Chase on a lower ledge, the jagged remnants of a platform that shattered during the rescue attempt lying at the bottom of the structure that Riddler used as his base. Harvey attempts to shoot the three of them, only for Batman to remind him of his coin. He flips it, only for Batman to throw more coins in the air. Two-Face, attempting to find his coin, loses his footing and gravity does the rest. We get the Gory Discretion Shot of Two-Face's hand sinking into the water as his coin lands in it.