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Nightmare Fuel / Barbarella

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  • The biting dolls are the most obvious example, with their prominent, pointy, razor-sharp teeth. They all have very demented appearances, some with blank eyes. The kids setting them to attack Barbarella also count because of how sadistically gleeful they look while watching Barbarella suffer, not to mention they make the dolls move slowly to drag the horror out.
  • The Black Guards have whips that let out human-sounding shrill screams when they use them. It's mostly just odd, but it can be startling the first time you hear them.
  • The Chamber of Ultimate Solution. Ostensibly a place to put an end to your life if you so desire, once you go in, you can't get out again if you happen to change your mind or even if you just entered by accident like Barbarella and Pygar did. The only choice given is between three doors or getting eaten by the Mathmos. Undeniably Evil Laughter can be heard coming from behind the doors, however the audience never learns exactly what is behind each one.