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Nightmare Fuel / BU

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In the BTS universe, the beautiful moments of youth can only be found among numerous moments of anguish, pain, and Adult Fear.

  • The BU as a whole is the story of one young boy trying to save his younger friends from terrible fates, which include jail, hospitalization or death. Sadly, these are all realistic consequences of mundane things like abusive families, trauma or poverty.
  • The original, 05:32 version MV for "I NEED U" is full of these, setting the tone for the rest of the BU. It contains scenes like Hoseok swallowing pills and passing out, Yoongi burning himself alive, Jungkook getting beaten by strangers and hit by an oncoming car, and Taehyung viciously stabbing his abusive father to death.
  • "Prologue". Seemingly after his part in "I NEED U", Taehyung reunites with the others and spends moments of happiness. Then they go to the beach together... and Taehyung throws himself off the watchtower.
    • The Stinger in the deleted version. Jin sits in the truck, staring serenely at the sea, and looks for the Polaroid picture Namjoon got earlier of Jin and Yoongi. When he looks at it, he looks confused: Yoongi has disappeared from the photo. Or rather, his image seems to have been burned off.
  • "RUN" has the characters jumping back and forth between past and present, seemingly losing their sense of reality.
    • A scene has Taehyung spraying a huge "X" over Jin's body.
    • Taehyung being playfully thrown into the full bathtub by the others, laughing, intercut with Taehyung drowning in the sea.
    • In particular, a scene has the boys causing havoc for the cars in the middle of a highway while Jin looks on blocking the path with his truck, then Jin picking the boys up and driving away. As a Youtube comment pointed out, the only phrase uttered by the drivers is "move the car!"... implying that the boys weren't real, except for Jin.
  • The WINGS teasers up the ante in symbolism and Mind Screw elements, entering into Surreal Music Video and World of Symbolism territory. In all of the teasers, each member appears completely alone.
    • "Lie" is rather eerie. It features Jimin alone in a white, sterile hospital room. It's all pretty dehumanized; no other person appears during the psychological tests he goes through, with Rorschach tests being displayed by a mannequin hand and a camera observing it all.
      • He then appears dancing in reverse, with the choreography in itself containing a lot of jerky movements, as though he's in severe distress.
      • Then there's the Jump Scare, with distorted noise suddenly playing with Jimin reclined over a chair, appearing to have several heads.
    • "First Love". Yoongi breaks into a music store to play the piano, until he hears someone whistling the "Begin" melody. He gets out of the store into the street, looking for the source. Then a car suddenly approaches, Yoongi dodges at the last second, and then we hear a car crash- cut to black. Then we see Yoongi again, the street now stained with blood. Yoongi runs back to the store in anguish, only to find it in flames.
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    • The Mushroom Samba in "Mama". Hoseok sits in the middle of a room in what's implied to be a mental facility. Doctors write notes while looking at him from the outside, and then pills start filling the room. Hoseok takes one, and the room suddenly changes; it goes all dark with colorful fluorescent stains on the walls, and Hoseok looks around and starts making jerky movements in anguish while "Mama" starts to play, until he collapses.
  • The "WINGS Tour Trailer". Following after both the teasers and "Blood, Sweat and Tears", it shows a lot of imagery referencing those and then some.
    • The very first image is Jungkook on a swing on a black background. He swings away from the shot... and then the swing comes back, with the space where Jungkook used to be now in flames.
    • There are several shots with the members collapsed on the floor. Namjoon is surrounded by broken glass, Jimin is still on a blindfold, Hoseok is in the middle of a field full of arrows.
    • Black tears start to run from Jimin's face while he's floating horizontally. Jungkook gets multicolored tears while he stares at the camera.
    • Cracks appear on Jin's face, and parts of his face and body start to break and fall off.
    • Taehyung grows big black wings, and stares at the camera with a Psychotic Smirk.


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